David Duke Audio & Video

David Duke Audio & Video

DD-2013-10-07 – Dr. David Duke opens the show discussing the death of one of the chief rabbis in the history of Israel.mp3
DD-2013-10-08 – Dr. David Duke has great show today focusing on Jewish racism, Jewish supremacism and Jewish privilege.mp3
DD-2013-10-09 – Dr. David Duke and Patrick Slattery talk about the biggest funeral in the history of Israel.mp3
DD-2013-10-10 – Dr. James Thring joins Dr. David Duke to discuss the latest Zionist goings on and.mp3
DD-2013-10-11 – Dr. David Duke introduces a fantastic video showing the horrific atrocities of the U.S. supported.mp3
DD-2013-10-14 – Dr. David Duke has special guest, the brilliant economist Adrian Salbuchi of Argentina.mp3
DD-2013-10-15 – Nietzche’s Birthday! Dr. David Duke has a powerful start to the show by talking about the celebration in Jewish media.mp3
DD-2013-10-16 – Dr. David Duke begins today’s show with awe inspiring quotes from the philosopher Frederick Nietzsche.mp3
DD-2013-10-17 – Dr. David Duke talks anthropology for the first part of the show, explaining why there are differences.mp3
DD-2013-10-18 – Dr. Duke starts ths show with a short discussion of the latest details of Zionist theft of Palestinian land.mp3
DD-2013-10-21 – Dr. David Duke starts by talking about a new Israeli government directive prophibiting Jewish girls.mp3
DD-2013-10-22 – Dr. David Duke gives an impassioned talk about the Human Freedom Movement.mp3
DD-2013-10-23 – Dr. David Duke gives an impassioned talk on the Human Freedom Movement (two).mp3
DD-2013-10-24 – Dr. David Duke leads off with the revelations that the biggest political contributor in American politics.mp3
DD-2013-10-25 – Dr. David Duke has a show that will stimulate and fascinate you today. He goes into some of his.mp3
DD-2013-10-28 – Dr. David Duke and Dr. Slattery go into the massive Zionist Hacking of of the phone lines.mp3
DD-2013-10-29 – Dr David Duke and Dr Patrick Slattery go deep into ObamaCare and explain the disaster.mp3
DD-2013-10-30 (Rebroadcast) – Dr. David Duke gives an impassioned talk about the Human Freedom Movement.mp3
DD-2013-10-31 – Dr. David Duke has a special, life, health and fitness show today centering on the fact that.mp3
DD-2013-11-01 – Dr. David Duke does an incredible solo show today on Health, Life and Fitness Friday..mp3
DD-2013-11-04 – Dr. David Duke and Dr. Slattery discuss the latest robbery of the American people by the Zio masters.mp3
DD-2013-11-05 – Dr. David Duke has a fascinating beginning segment on how massive immigration is damaging.mp3
DD-2013-11-06 – Is Race and ethnicity a social construct or is it an undeniable evolutionary and biological reality.mp3
DD-2013-11-07 – Dr. David Duke today has an absolutely vital show on everything you need to know about blood sugar,.mp3
DD-2013-11-08 – Dr. David Duke has another amazing program today speaking about the Zio-Jewish Supremacist origin.mp3

More Duke below…

http://archive.org/details/DavidDukeAudioOnTheRenseNetwork (1)

http://archive.org/details/DavidDukeVideo (Duke – Video & Audio)






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