White male crime plague alert! Goshhh darnnn…. Wut are we gone do bout it!!!??

Look below at what is considered as ‘white’ – and then you’ll more than understand crime stats. You’ll understand why, on federal Justice Department stats that, ‘white males’ seem to be almost as criminal as black males. And if any of the below Aztec thugs had criminalized a black in anyway – that could well be registered as a ‘hate crime.’ All lumped into the white category! And all this designed to skew the stats to make them as anti-white as possible! This is yet another war against the White race – it’s Cultural Marxism at it’s worst. And what Marxism AKA “Political  Correctness” is, is forcing one to live within a make-believe world. We pretend… we pretend that things are not as they appear to be. We pretend that women are the same as men, we pretend that homosexual deviants are the same as heterosexual family men, we pretend that blacks are the same as Whites, we pretend that non-white immigration will not harm us and that is  actually a benefit to us — and yes, YES…. as we are being robbed, raped and murdered in every-way possible and at record levels by blacks and non-white invaders – we even pretend that we are just as criminal as them!

And if the below Maya, Inca and Aztec descendents are ‘white’ – then maybe indeed we are just as criminal as the satanic negro beast!


Damn, I just added it all up, and if a White man wanted to become bounty hunter – just by apprehending all of these white males, he could rake in $82,500 reward! I wonder if…. a White man did go after these ‘white’ fugitives and shot every last one – right betwix the eyes – would they still be considered as ‘white?’ – It would just be white on white… err, right?


White Criminals - ETA - Expose Them All (1) White Criminals - ETA - Expose Them All (2)


Not White - ETA - Expose Them All

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A Meaningless “Hate Crimes” Report

Color of Crime (2005)


Political Correctness = Marxism, Marxism = Communism and Communism is just one step away from a murderous Bolshevik! Is that what you want to become? Then stop living in a make-believe world!


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