Lowly creatures go down for murder of volunteer firefighter

Marcus Kauffman, a 25-yo White man and volunteer firefighter was gunned down at his own home by sub-animal beasts too lowly to even be considered as half-human. Mr. Kauffman and his sweets were returning from a shopping trip when they noticed a ghetto cruiser set down in their driveway. The 25 year-old victim of the worst type of predator, immediately drove his pregnant wife to safety at a nearby home. He then returned to investigate. There he was set upon by creatures only the devils in hell could compare. He confronted them as they were loading up his life’s work, he was instantly shot point blank in the head. Yet his struggles didn’t end in that driveway nor on that day. By the miracles of White inventiveness and White advancements in medical technologies, he laid hooked to life-support devices for close to three weeks – keeping his body functioning. And while we know the White doctors tried their best, in this sad case, the damages  had already been done, his injuries beyond repair and irreversible. After thorough testing and examinations were completed, and all hope lost, he was taken off life-support. The creatures had done what evil, soulless, white-hating, satanic-beings are suppose to do – they destroyed at least a part of divine and godly creation. Soon after the young victim was taken off life-support, his weak and frail body expired and he was pronounced dead. Yet another invaluable human life snuffed out by worthless black trash. To go one step farther and to make statements few could relate, the jew-enabled satanic black trash were afforded the opportunity to kill whitey because of historical jew-hatreds against White people and the societies they’ve built. Sheer hatred that goes so deep and so thorough that few could ever fathom or understand. The utter abhorrence and total disgust the Satan-like jew has against the White race is just too mind-boggling for most Whites to realize. In simpler terms, let’s just say, the jew turned the beast loose to prey upon an unsuspecting and innocent to a fault White society. This, and allowing millions of third worlders unlike those who inhabit the land is by design and is no accident. Nor is it some sort of miscalculation. They know exactly what they’re doing, and what they are doing is destroying White culture, heritage, security and life.

In a world of self loathing and pity – we must realize our lives are yet better than many. As a sorrowful man once stated; “I used to cry because I had no shoes – until I met a man who had no feet.’ And as the old song long ago written reads…. ‘I can plainly see, thy burdens are greater than mine.’

I must confess, I don’t believe in prayer. But if I did, my prayers would have been before that bullet struck that boy’s head and not after. Now all I can do or say is this; If there is indeed an all powerful God, and that God does indeed have a future kingdom-come – please place these souls who have suffered so terribly in a higher position than mine.


25 year-old Marcus Kauffman, tragically gunned down. Shown with his pregnant sweets. Not shown is the innocent little baby who will not only be born without a daddy, but, who will be born with a lifelong tragic tale on its lips. A baby who will be forced to live in a world with 60, 70, 80% or more, of the same type creatures that killed its daddy. And will have a higher probability of being victimized by the same types than did his or her father. This is the world that jewish-fueled anti-white Marxism has left for him or her. By the time this baby has grown into adulthood, considering it makes it to adulthood, one can only wonder if there’s a high enough mountain in this land in which to run and hide for safety. And I realize this seems overly dramatic to many liberal Whites. Whites who see things through rose colored glasses. But the thing is, take those glasses off, the rose has done withered and died.

The now widowed Maryann Kaufman, shown with her late husband, Marco Kaufman

Maryann and Marco Kaufman - ETA - Expose Them All

No chit man, if these satanically mixed with primitive primate things are human, what does that make the pure-bred primates at the zoo? Intellects???

Jaylend Turner – shown in chains – yeah, they drug these biped bastards over here in chains and guess what, they are STILL in chains!

Jaylend Turner - ETA - Expose Them All

Khari McClelland – Ah huh, he has ‘human rights’ – that cop just can’t slap him down and then rip into him like hyenas would a wild hog carcass. Ohh gosh no, that would deny him his ‘civil rights.’ And all we should know, every killer deserves those. Yeah.

Khari McClelland - ETA - Expose Them All

Michael Dwayne Teasley – The only one of the three who’s mammy gave him a human-sounding name. Sweet lil ‘Michael.‘ Oh yeah, he’s a sweet one alright. Remember the story of the lion that had a sharp thorn stuck in its paw? He went up to a man who was almost starved to death? The man plucked the thorn out of the lion‘s paw, and the lion was so grateful that he went and retrieved food for the man? And they became best buddies and lived happily ever-after and all that stuff? Well, I wonder, if a mofo plucked that thing out this black beast has stuck in its ear, would the dark creature be as grateful as the lion? Maybe run and get the man a Big Mac or something? Or, would he turn around and rob the man? LOL. If you don’t know the answer to that, then, you have liberal tendencies. Better get yourself worked on man. That’s crap’s contagious.

Michael Dwayne Teasley - ETA - Expose Them All

Tramel Hart – ‘lil fur-top’ – he’s the youngest one. A young-blood who wanted to run with the homeboys. Wanted to be a ‘for real nigga.’ Wanted to victimize Whites in anyway he could. Well you did it boy, you made it, you’re a full fledged nigga now. Shoal is.

Tramel Hart - ETA - Expose Them All

Disclaimer: Any typos, misspellings or any errors of any kind, I blame the black race. I blame them for every problem, fault or deficiency I’ve ever encountered in life. So if you spot something amiss, don’t tell me about it, write to the NAACP and make your complaint. Sometimes I blame the jew. So you can write to them if ya wants to.


One comment

  1. Anonymous

    Whoever wrote this article is a creature themselves. How you going to try to give them a name and try to judge? First off don’t put prayer in any of your non sense you talking because the God I serve don’t discriminate at all.. you are nothing but a hypocrite. Practice what you preach. Talk about this white office killing our black men.. that’s right you not making no noise so everything you wrote was a waste of time.. now God bless you and I pray for you as well..


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