Unlike Chicago Police & Supt. Garry McCarthy, Milwaukee Police Warn Their Citizens Of The “Knockout Game”

Unlike Chicago Police & Supt. Garry McCarthy, Milwaukee Police Warn Their Citizens Of The “Knockout Game” – A Crime where Blacks usually attack Whites – MILWAUKEE POLICE: Pedestrians warned after random, possible ‘knockout game’ attack

Pedestrians in Milwaukee are being warned to stay alert after a 53-year-old man was seriously injured in a random attack possibly linked to the so-called “knockout game.”
The man was walking in the 4000 block of W. Burleigh St. shortly after 7:30 p.m. Monday when he was approached from behind, struck and knocked to the sidewalk by one of four assailants, Milwaukee police said Wednesday.
The other three attackers then joined in the assault, and the man was punched several more times, police said.
The victim, Tim Bessette, told WTMJ-TV (Channel 4) that his attackers, a group of teens, began harassing him before one of them punched him, breaking his nose and fracturing bones in his face.
The knockout game involves groups of youth who randomly target unsuspecting pedestrians with the intention of knocking them out cold with one punch.
The assaults have gained national media attention after high-profile attacks in several cities, including one in Jersey City, N.J., that left a 46-year-old man dead.
“The so-called ‘point-’em-out-knock-’em-out game’ incidents are not a game, but are in fact crimes that can be categorized as battery and/or robbery,” said Milwaukee Police Department spokesman Lt. Mark Stanmeyer.
“Virtually all robberies and assaults are unprovoked, and the very fact that these events appear random makes them hard to prevent and hard to prepare for,” Stanmeyer said.
Bessette, who is still hospitalized, told Channel 4 he has no doubt this was a case of the knockout game.
“I watched these clips of this knockout game and I sit there in total amazement,” Bessette said.
“How can somebody be so ruthless and disrespectful?”
Inattentive, lone pedestrians are the preferred targets for street crimes, said Stanmeyer, urging people to remain alert and aware of their surroundings at all times.




Anonymous said…
Time to start a new game: “Shoot Em Out”.

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Anonymous said…

Conceal/Carry is the only answer. These attacks are why Liberal Communist Democrat Whores don’t want you to be able to protect yourself. They know decent Americans will fight back against these mindless savages. Get your FOID card…purchase your weapon…take the clsses…and then protect yourself and your family.

Anonymous said…


“According to the FBI, between 1976 and 2005, blacks, who are about 12 percent of the population, committed 53 percent of all felony murders and 56 percent of non-felony murders. The Centers for Disease Control recently reported that young black men are 14 times more likely to commit murder than young white men.

Read her latest article on the Knockout Game and niggers being violent…


Anonymous said…

better yet, they’ve encouraged their german daughters to walk alone and twerk in front of the currency exchanges so they can bring back an obama baby to raise….Milwaukee teutonic trash aspires to niggerdom and beer-swilling sundays. They’re to incompentent to pull a lever in a factory these days, so a black grandchild is the greatest prosept for their twilight years. They can’t even tell the differenece between a sikh and a moozlim

Anonymous said…

never relax around niggers, always stay ready.

Zbigniew Wladyslaw Bzrzenski said…

Fellow Citizens, I told you weeks ago that the Canadians established their base of operations, eastern prong, in Milwaukee. They have escalated operations obviously, to intimidate an already dull and befuddled, though well-meaning, somewhat bovine, and pliant, population through the Knockout Game. Well, I propose a tactical countermeasure with the strategy of containment. Given the makeup and proclivities of the autochthonous population, I propose to name this countermeasure The Knackwurst Game. In order to develop this countermeasure fully, I will need a healthy Government grant and a covert post teaching National Security at the Milwaukee Area Technical College, where neat gizmos can be invented if required.

Sound like a plan to you?

Anonymous said…

…you’ll need to shape the device as a hybrid Knack-Brat, to allow the device safe transport / holstering whilst working the walker point & Brady street meat beats. Swinging like a horse’s tail, the knack-brat is sure to attract many unsuspooking attackers. Kablam! Kapow!


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