Imma headin’ to tha old KalamaZOO Gibson guitar factory in KalamaZOO, yessir aye iz, and ah huh I be, fo sho nuff. Yo.

Flashback; The below is a repost from August of 2007. And it was while I was attending an August 4th, 2007 rally. Which was held in Kalamazoo, MI. – named; ‘ABC’ or, ‘Against Black Crime.’ Blacks were attacking White folks as they were simple walking on a street. After more than a dozen or so of these incidences and, after the police would not make arrests and, the media remained in full denial, it was determined to maybe shake things up a bit with a rally. (It had worked in Knoxville and after full media denial, they  did begin reporting on the Knoxville couple (Christopher Newsom & Channon Christian) who were slaughtered by blacks – but those mofos in MI. were just so cold hearted and didn’t give a chit about what their niggas were doing against Whites, when we left, it was like… we had never been there.) And also, the media just would NOT report on the rally, thus it had lower attendance than if they would have reported on it. What they did was, while remaining silent all throughout the permitting and planning stages, they started their first reports — the day of the rally! I mean people who may have attended, sitting 2-3 hours away from the rally area, hearing about how a rally Against Black Crime was starting in 10 minutes – or had already begun – really hurt attendance. The jew-media is slick like that.)

I arrived a few days earlier than the rally and got bored real fast. Just sitting in a motel room and all. Yankee Jim (James Leshkevich) and I had been EMing back and forth, he mentioned he was originally from Kalamazoo (then living in up-state NY for many years). So I asked him ‘what was there  to do around the area.’ He told me of a few things that, while sounding good, ’wine, women, dancing and song,’ I told him I’d better pass on that. DWI’s and getting your vehicle towed 4 or 5 states from your own might have been more trouble than the ‘wine, women, dancing and song‘ was worth. So, while he wasn’t sure, it had been many years since he lived in the area, he told me about the Gibson Guitar Factory, said the last time he was there, they were open for tours. So that is what I figured I’d do. But the strange thing about it was, there was no information online or even in the Yellow Pages about any tours – which I thought odd, but just thought ‘that’s the way it was.’ So the next morning when I got up, I went to search out the old Gibson Guitar Factory. In a state I had never been, and a city I knew nothing about.



Imma headin’ to tha old KalamaZOO Gibson guitar factory in
KalamaZOO,yessir aye iz, and ah huh I be, fo sho nuff. Yo.

Here it be, der it go — >

OK, here’s the deal, I thought me and Yankee_Jim was a little tighter than what we actually were. Something must have went wrong somewhere, at sometime or something, you see, he tried to get me shot today. LOL.

I posted that I had never been to Michigan and didn’t know anything about the area. I requested for anyone who knew of the area to send info. Yankee_Jim told me about the old Gibson guitar factory in KalamaZOO, he stated that I may be interested in going to see it, “if I had some time to kill.” I think I must have read it wrong, maybe it was a typo on his part, I don’t know. Perhaps what he really meant was “if I wanted to be killed” go visit the old Gibson guitar factory in KalamaZOO. LOL. You see, the old Gibson guitar factory is now in the GHETTO!

Of course I’m just kidding, at least about Yankee_Jim trying to off me. The factory is in the ghetto though. This morning I woke up and read Yankee_Jim’s reply to me about the factory, I thought hmmm, I’d like to tour it. I looked all over the net to find the tour info and there was nothing. So, I thought I’d just drive to it, it’s in KalamaZOO, I’m in KalamaZOO, it can’t be that far. Not long after I began the trek I started noticing that the grass seemed to be dying right before my eyes plus, I couldn’t help but notice the once nice, well kept homes seemed to be turning shanty, not wanting to be racist about it or anything, I didn’t even consider that n*ggers could be the cause of either one. So I continued driving, but as I was driving along this time, I was mindful of any other telltale signs that I may be encroaching upon n*gger town, like MLK Blvd., are there any rabbits, squirrels or any f*ckin thing alive out there at all. I never did see a MLK Blvd. but I didn’t see anything moving either. So I was a tad apprehensive at that point but still and again, it never crossed my mind that I may be nearing n*gger town. I mean just because there’s nothing alive in the immediate area, just because there’s no grass, just because there’s shanties everywhere, don’t necessarily have to mean automatically 100% that you’ve entered “n*gger town.” Ahh, I am right about that aren’t I? So, next, I rolled down my window, I wanted to hear the sweet sound of singing redbirds, bluebirds, robins etc., not a fricken sound, not even the cries of a sick or dying bird, nothing. I would have been content to just see a feather to at least tell me that a living, breathing bird was there not too long ago, at least in the past week or so. But, nothing, no sign of bird life at all. The only item I noticed after I rolled down my window was that smell, you know the smell, the odor of death, decay and destruction. The pungent odor of n*gger funk, you know, that poison, greasy, slimy chemical irritant compound that falls off n*gger skin and suffocates the life out of anything and everything it comes in contact with? That smell, it was all over. Oh boy. All of a sudden, it was too late to turn back, and my worst fears were realized, I WAS in n*gger town! How did I know for sure enough that I was in n*gger town? I saw a N*GGER! That’s the best sign of all. I saw a GD lowlife, no good, stinkin, lazy, nasty, disease ridden, decrepit, criminally insane N*GGER!

I’m no Al Eyenstern or anything but, I do know a n*gger when I
see one. And THIS was a n-*-g-g-e-r! I was shaking so gggggddamn
bad I couldn’t even get a clear shot of the buck. Sorry bout that.

I did get a clear shot of this buck though. After I calmed down I mean. I wished that railroad gate would have slammed right down on that bucks skull bone just as he was crossing under it. Darn, talk about the million dollar shot. No such luck for me though, I’m still searching for that old Gibson guitar factory and can’t even find that. All I’m finding is n*ggers . . . on bikes . . . stolen the night before.

Oh yea, here’s a couple of those shanties mentioned above.

They weren’t all shanties though, the government did tear a few down (or something did). What would a n*gger breeding grounds area be like without HUD, I mean new cribs?

We sho appreciates the new cribs whitie, come on down and visit us from time to time. Will nine this evening be cool wiff yo?

I’m not only cool, calm and collective now, I’m determined, I want to see that old Gibson factory building now more than ever, but, where it be?

As I continued on, I saw some kind of BBQ operation, mmm, mmm, mmmmm – too bad I had already eaten, my loss I’m sure.

I’d imagine they have the proper permits, licensing and are scheduled to pay sales taxes, income taxes etc. on this operation. Looks like an upstanding establishment like this would have already acquired approval from the local health department to function. Plus, I’d bet those hep B shots are all up to date. I mean if they weren’t, they couldn’t be in business, errr, right?

Look at that young buck, glaring at me, wondering “wut ah cracka be doin up in dis muahfukka fo.” Man, if looks could kill, I think there would have been a shootout right then and there on that corner.

Wut cha-all be wantin maa?

Excuse me, could you nice, kind and sweet colored folks tell me where the old Gibson guitar factor be, err I mean is? Fo sho nuff, dat muahfukka beez jus round da cone-a ova der165785733smallau8

I whipped around the corner and look, a building! Is it, could it be, is THAT the old Gibson guitar factory straight ahead?

Huh, whaaat? – Good lord, it’s a soul food shack now! Sistah’s.

Boo Hoo, no tours. I guess I will just go sit in the park across the street and think about
it. Did the Fender Guitar Company ever have a factory in KalamaZOO I wondered?

LOL, after all was said and done, I’m glad I did take that little drive. I had no idea the factory was there, plus I really didn’t have anything better to do. It was worth it. The images will be in my photo archive for a long time. Afterwards I headed to South Haven, MI.

I only saw one n*gger over in South Haven.Here it is — >


Here’s the new Gibson Guitar Factory – it’s in Memphis! LOL
Wonder how much longer before the n*ggers turn it into a Sistah’s?165785733smallau8889======================================

Jim found the above post funny. I only met Jim several times and chatted with him
a few more than that. But I miss him, his humor, his posts and his shows. So sad.

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