Anti-white, racist and nut-job psychopaths Omammy and his right hand man Holder on the job – 24/7




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The black on White ‘KO game’ – A ‘Hate Crime’ by any other name – What a shame – And Marxists are to blame


Black supremacist & racist Eric Holder: Whites aren’t protected by hate crime laws


And just for the record, while I would like to see White people become involved in this war against them, I do NOT find it acceptable to attack 79-year-olds. But what the mentally challenged 27-yo White man thought he was doing – (as was reported and in his mind); was ‘making a statement.’ He was making the statement(s) how only Whites are charged with hate crimes. As well as to prove that if the knockout game aggressors were White and the victims black, the feds would be investigating full force. And boy was he right, he’s being held in solitary confinement without bond and, charged under the federal hate crime enhancement act! And it should go without saying but, ‘this is NOT how you fight a corrupt, anti-white, negro-ruled, Marxist jew government!’ You do not fight them by jumping right smack dab in the belly of the beast! You do NOT fight them by sacrificing yourself to their ‘gods’ – hate, corruptness, laws, procedures etc. How do you ‘fight’ them? I don’t know, nothing’s worked thus far. Every time someone tries, they get 40-50 years in a fed pen (Matt Hale – Edgar Steele).


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