More info concerning the White mother and daughter slaughtered by one of Satan’s sons

More info (below) concerning the White mother and daughter slaughtered by one of  Satan’s sons. And when I say ‘Satan’s’ sons,’ I mean it literally. I honestly believe the dark skinned things were brought into existence via a satanic attempt to corrupt godly creation via force mixing a part of divine creation with that of some sort of primitive primate. And of course after many, many, many years of mix breeding, remixing, cross breeding and breeding amongst themselves and others, we get the negro. And now it’s a creature the Marxist and anti-whites claim; ’is just like you.’ They also make claims of how it would be ’racist’ if you disagreed. These multiculturalists types, those who want to breed Whites out of existence with the darks and blacks of the world, seem to be the authority when it comes to such matters. Furthermore, if one refuses to accept the negro into their communities to live, work, shop and attend the same schools as their sons, daughters, mothers and wives, then yes, of course, that would be ‘racist‘ as well. And ‘racists’ are the lowest of the low, they’re a notch or two below murderers, child rapists and ‘anti-Semites.‘ So most definitely, Marxist ideologies have gotten so bad today that even if one simply professed by-golly; of how they’d simply prefer not to live around the negro, or even have any association with the negro at all, or just so little as one didn’t show the negro enough love, tolerance, admiration or acceptance, then. ah huh, you guessed it, that’s ‘racist’ too. Hell man, outside of just being the phoniest person on the planet, and pretending like you have some sick love for devils, anything and everything a White person says or does can be construed as ‘racist.‘ Yet the truth of the matter is, most Whites know damn well there’s something wrong with the savage and inhumane negro beast. And as a result, and in many cases, White people have relocated many miles away from whence they were born. Just to be far removed from the savagery, jealousy and hatefulness of these dark-skinned, born-killing, ass-backwards creatures. The Marxist liberals labeled that; ‘White Flight’ – and you know it, that’s ‘racist’ too. I mean even escaping from the bastards is ‘racist.‘ And I am no exception, I am sitting in an area about 100 miles from where I was born. And it’s not that I have a particular love for trees, rabbits, squirrels and weeds, or that I enjoy the 50-60 mile drive to work, it’s just that I have a particular dislike for living in a negro area. Where myself and my family would be shot at, called cracka, honky and the little ones forced to attend a negro school and live in a negro neighborhood. Where they, we, would be attacked, beaten, groped, raped and robbed. And if we defended ourselves, it would be ‘racist.‘ And hey, really, no one wants a negro in their midst. Negroes don’t even want to live around negroes – they’ll grab a HUD pass and strut out to Whiteland in a heartbeat. And many of them have.

But anyway, it now comes out that the husband/father of the deceased mother and daughter evidently hired the creature, the dark thing that  murdered the women, to work at his nursery and garden shop. One can only wonder why. Did he take advantage of the government tax benefits that come with hiring a devil? Also, I wouldn’t think he’d had the 100 or so employees that would necessitate him being forced to hire a satanic beast per federal quota laws. Not in a usually smaller nursery and garden center. And if affirmative-action quotas or tax benefits were not the reasons to hire the dark thing, then why did he?

I saw where the family was ‘deeply religious.‘ And being ‘deeply religious’ nowadays means, yeah, ah huh, you love negroes. They worship them at those churches man. They send their kids off to Africa to feed them, dig their wells and cure their AIDS. They collect millions of dollars worth of food all year long to feed international as well local negroes. They even buy and collect millions of dollars worth of school supplies each fall for the creatures. And, they buy and collect millions of dollars worth of Christmas gifts around Christmas time for the sweet colored folks that they so love and cherish. They even allow their sons and daughters to marry them. I mean besides the ultra love they have for Supremacist, Zionist, Marxist, Communist, White-Hating jews, the modern day Judeo-Christian church does indeed love their satanic primitive primate descendants.

Modern religions have become anti-white. As I have never seen pro-white actions or activities in any meaningful way come from any religion. And I differentiate between ’religion’ and the Bible. Religion is a man-conceived concept. And in many cases it teaches contrary to the Bible. And it is for these reasons, I hate religion. Yet do find the Bible a fascinating book or, ‘set of books as is the case. I am intrigued by its histories, prophecies and the moralistic stories that’s within it. But to tell the truth, while I do have a Bible, it’s kinda covered in dust right now. I just don’t read it much. But even so, contrary to what other anti-religion freaks profess, I am not one that ‘sees’ the Bible as a ‘jew-book.‘ Again, I don’t dislike the Bible, I dislike the man-conceived religions that are contrary to it. Matter of fact, I hate all religions, and that even includes the Communistic anti-religions of; “man is not human, he’s animal, and thus it is OK to kill, enslave and dominate over him (as per jewish-communist beliefs, principles, teachings  and programs – which lead to the deaths of millions upon millions of  Christians). So screw the religions that love any race other than their own and yes, screw even the anti-religions which make all sorts of unfounded claims. While I’m not going to go into detail, next time you’re with some religious cat, talk with him or her. Ask them a few questions, and just as soon as the phony lame-brained and disgusting person opens his or her mouth, you’re not going to hear one word of truth which came from the Bible. No, that manmade ‘religious’ BS is going to take hold. And no telling what you will hear. You know what I mean, the type stuff that the state-sanctioned and chartered preacher told them. Some ‘holier than thou’ idiot who is too lazy to do any real work and who is subjugated to the state in order to keep his or hers tax-exempt status – which lords over him or her and their Judeo ‘religious church’ – and which allows it to be a legally recognized ‘church-business’ so the religious freaks will get their much sought after tax breaks. And also, so the ‘church‘ will be allowed to do business with the Zionist banks. You see, in order to be an incorporated business, even a ‘church-business,‘ one must make a deal with the devil. The devil in this case is the state. And the major deal, at least with  normal businesses are, your personal assets are protected. The state basically protects your personal property if you are ever sued. Thus if you’re a carpenter and you build a structure that collapses and kills whatever number of people, the state has your back. You are only liable for whatever is in your business name. And any smart business person who has incorporated their business, especially a smaller one, will limit what they allow in their business name. So if a building ever falls on a loved ones head, don’t be surprised if you only end up with a secondhand wrench. I mean you most likely won’t end up with a car or truck or house. You will end up with little more than the insurance policy limitations (and hope the SOB paid the premiums on that). In a ‘church-business’ charter, you agree to preach and teach whatever the state allows you to teach and preach. And if you preach or teach anything contrary or which violates any state charter dictate at all, you will no longer be a ‘church-business.‘ Such as if you look into a negro’s face and recognize those primitive primate features, in order to keep your charter, you must never, never say a word. You must be a good state-sanctioned and politically correct jew-Christian Marxist and claim the dark thing is ‘just like you.‘ And whatever you do, never, ever warn your White flock to protect themselves from these satanic devils. Oh no, that would be near the top of the list of violations on state regulations. You see, you must be a liar… oh, that’s such a harsh word, let’s just say, ‘you must play pretend.‘ Just imagine lies as truths and what your own eyes see is not what you are really seeing. And that’s what the phony Judeo-Christians do and they must know they are doing it. I mean ones lips cannot say a lie with the mind believing it, can it? Thus, the preacher and all his flock are sinners. You sinners you. You lowlife F’n sinners! You all have made a deal with the devil! And much of what you and/or the preacher-man teaches and preaches is not from the Bible but from religion! And from the lies the devil (state) wants and demands. And we know what the Bible says about serving two masters, this is exactly what it was in reference to. So any fool who’s mind is so screwed up that they enter into a modern ’religious’ facility which is under strict rule and governance of only one master, the state, the state in which they do business with and are enslaved to, is a lying hypocrite of the worst kind!

These weak-in-the-knees ‘Judeo-Christian’ religious freaks like to say; ‘The preacher-man told me, God is looking over me and He will keep me safe.’ No you fools, what’s keeping your phony asses safe is it’s illegal to kill you. In the Bible it reads; God is NOT looking down upon the earth, and if he did look down and saw the evilness, in his anger he would destroy it, and, everything on it. And one major reason why there is such evil upon the earth is because of the millions upon millions of religious freaks who use their man-conceived ‘religion’ as a crutch. Not only that but, they have been brainwashed by the jew-Christian religion into believing those that do evil against them, they are to love. Which is one reason why they are surrounded by such evil. It’s the reason why mothers and their daughters are being slaughtered in their own homes! By the satanic creatures they so love! Those millions of jew-like Christians have lost their damn minds man! And because of their proactively in supporting those who mean us harm, and their inactivity against it, they have destroyed White life as we knew it! And the most important thing they have destroyed are themselves! And how do they react? By holding self-serving ‘candle-lit’ vigils! Oh, the tender feelings these weak people have, does it make you feel better holding that candle? Did it help you? Why didn’t you help the people your holding the candle for prior to the need in holding it!? And just by holding that crutch, err…. ‘candle’ – it proves… if there is a God, as the Bible claims there is, He is NOT looking down and protecting your weak and mentally sick asses! Which leads me to another Biblical thought, the thoughts of death. The reason for death in the first place is because man’s mind had become corrupted. And if allowed to continue without interruption (from death) – their wicked thoughts and evil ways would fill the earth. Yet you communist, jew-like Christians have made death almost irrelevant. Because you hate good and love evil! You love anything that isn’t White, but far worse, you love the satanic descendants of the primitive primate! The savage negro beast!

Now, the father with his ‘deeply religious beliefs,’ why did he hire this devil!?

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Disclaimer: I’m blaming the Judeo-Christian’s this time. So if you spot yourself a typo, a misspelled word, something that just doesn’t make sense,  or anything amiss at all – write your complaints to the local Judeo-Christian preacher-man. Those SOB’s have my life and this world so screwed-up that my deficiencies even reflect within my writings!


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