Dark Love – White lesbian cop murdered by ex black lover

Crystal Parker was shot in the head and killed by her ex black lover, Danielle ‘Alexander,’ – who used the name; Danielle ‘Parker’ after her arrest. I guess she’s figuring the two were married, and maybe she’s entitled to her victim’s death benefits and pension.

The victim was a corporal in the East Point (GA.) Police Department. East Point is a south-eastern suburb of Atlanta. And looking through those all too familiar population and demographic charts and trends, I saw where the city’s small White population grew and then began its downhill slide. During the 1940’s and 50’s it (East Point, GA.), had a healthy and relatively stable White population. Then, during the 1960’s and 70’s, its population grew by a whopping 79%! This would correlate with the government’s integration & busing schemes. Which caused “White Flight.” That is to say, Whites fled Atlanta and moved north, east, south and west (away from the city center). Relocating anywhere to escape black racism, crime & barbarism. And the City of East Point was no exception. (Also, during this period, the City of Atlanta lost over half its White population.)

Another trend I noticed while looking at the charts. The all too familiar; ‘parasitical blacks following the money’ – IE; when the blacks follow Whites out to the suburbs. Again, looking at the demographics, into the 1980’s and 90’s – the city began to lose population. This indicates that more Whites were moving out than blacks were moving in. And it also shows how the blacks became a relatively small percentage of the population. In other words, they were in the midst of forming what we once called; ‘nigga town.‘ And even a small percentage, say three-five percent of blacks in  ‘nigga town’ within a city, causes Whites to flee. Because even though it’s just a small percentage of the total population, it has huge affects on a city. On its schools, crime stats, drugs and unheard deeds like rape, armed robbery and murder. So even with a small black percentage, White people still do not want to be around blacks and they leave. They do not want the blacks to teach their kids the black ‘culture’ of drugs, crime, rape, selfishness and all around nigga buffoonery. And this reflects upon the population of the City of East Point and its demographics. There was a 25% decrease in population during this time period. Again, this shows more Whites were moving out than blacks were moving in.

During the 2000’s however – there was no population change. It remained at a constant. This may sound good but it’s not. What it proves is, an equal number of blacks were moving into the city, equal to the number of Whites moving out. And the stagnant growth on the charts for the city show this all to common trend. For every family of 12 blacks who moved in, three White families of four moved out.

Today, we continue to see a vast population decline. Blacks, of course, are now the majority population. And yes, they are once again continuing to; ‘follow the White money’ – and are moving out. Causing these huge population drops I read from the charts. There are more blacks moving out of the city than are moving in. The blacks have made the city so unsafe that, many of them have and are fleeing. But now, thanks to the government which started it all, many of the blacks are moving out of their now ghetto city, and into your city via HUD. And/Or – such as is my case, whenever I see a black face in my county (if its not in jail), there’s always a White girl driving the car. Some dilly MTV watcher who either sought out a black at a distant rap bar, or, who was seduced by the creature who has learned how to beguile White females through TV. The cunningness of the beast knows no limits. And while they seem incapable of learning their ABC’s or 1, 2, 3’s – these black beasts are experts at laying down a guilt trip before a White female. — Yo jus aint kiss me caus’n aye be blak an yo iz racisss. Yo jus aint lets me rub dat sno hair or look inta dem boo eyes caus’n yo aints lub blak peeple. An aye usta be ah slave an evathang. Oh no Rondell, that’s not it, it’s just that…. well… I’m a virgin. Foe sho nuff? Aye is too, aye aint neber slapped up against no wite ho… gurl.

Now, looking at demographics from the entire State of Georgia, it boasts an overall state black population coming in at a full one-third of total population. The immigrant population is claimed to be at 10% of the total population for the State of Georgia. Georgia is a state I’d rather not raise my family, kids or even live within. I just would not like to think of myself lying on my deathbed knowing the sick trick I played on my babies and their mama. Knowing that in the near future the kids would most likely dwell within a state that will most definitely be majority non-white by the time they grew up. But I will admit, that’s neither here nor there, and it’s just the way I think. And I think the City of East Point, as well as the State of Georgia, is in full genocidal mode against Whites. And the White demographics in each city will continue to decline and will decline until there is not one White face left to count. I do wonder, when the state has went completely black, brown and everything in between, if someone would ever commit to a study which examines the exact number of Whites murdered by the dark races and sub-races – prior to there being no Whites left to murder?

While most of what was written above has nothing to do with this particular black on White murder. The White in this case was begging to be murdered. And she certainly hooked up with the right race to murder her. Most people have heard of ‘suicide by cop’ – this may have been a case of ‘suicide by negro.‘ No, while most of the words written above have nothing to do with this murder, yet, they have everything to do with it. If this were 1960 White East Point, Ga. and not 2013 over 75% black East Point, Ga. – the White woman wouldn’t have been a dyke, especially one with a black lover. And chances are good she’d still be alive. She may have even given the White race a few more White babies. Who knows? So maybe it was relevant, I don’t know. It’s all in ones perception and I perceive things differently than many Whites. It’s just one of them things, dawgs…

The black killer this time…..

The White victim this time… an affirmative-action
dyke cop who looks like she wanted to be black…

She was actually a very attractive young woman. Before she got hooked up in that fag BS and negroism. Note; The below image is how the family wanted to present her during her final moments upon this earth. And it speaks volumes. They wanted to show the nice, normal, pleasing to the eye daughter & sister they lost. And not the freakish negro-loving one they gained. So sad for the family. So predictable for the victim. The United States of Africans – a nightmare some will never awaken from…

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  1. CherryDumplin

    You have to be a real dumb a** to write an article like this.


  2. Anonymous

    She was half black dummy


  3. Allen

    I ama friend of Chris Parker and she IS NOT white. She is African American. Get your facts straight before you pist or blog lies.


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