US Congress alien to American people interest: David Duke

Press TV has conducted an interview with David Duke, former member of the House of Representatives, about a recent poll showing that two-thirds of Americans believe the current Congress is the worst ever. 

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Well David Duke, when we want to take a look at this poll, it is about as bad as it can get. Is it that bad? Do you agree with this poll?

Duke: I think the Congress in United States and the government of United States is totally alien to the interest of the American people. They are absolutely involving us in these incredible wars around the world. They are hurting America. They have sold lock, sock and barrel, the wealth and the hard-earned money of the American people is in international banks which are robbing us like the TARP (the Troubled Asset Relief Program), like the bailout, banks like Goldman Sachs is part of their banks.

The media of United States is not really of the American people. It is of a tiny Jewish extremist Zionist minority and they run Hollywood. And Hollywood,  there is many millions of Americans just some good shows on television and there is good movies out there but there is so much of our media that is so destructive, degrading the generative against the American people.

And they control, the conglomerates, they control the news of the world, how we see the world and they continue to bend the minds of the American people for Israel. They are sending millions and millions of dollars every day, billions actually every year to Israel. They made us spend trillions of dollars in wars for Israel. The war in Iraq was not a war for oil, we got no oil out of it. It has cost us and it will cost us three trillion dollars because Saddam was their enemy. Continues here with video


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