Obama Deported Only 0.2 Percent of ‘11.7 Million Illegals’ In 2013

Obama Deported Only 0.2 Percent of 11.7 Million Illegals In 2013

Fewer than 0.2 percent of the 11.7 million illegal aliens in the United States were deported in 2012 for violating immigration laws, according to data released by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

“It is a drop in the bucket,” Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies at the Center for Immigration Studies, told The Daily Caller. “Relative to the [agency] resources and tools they have been given to do this job, it is a record low,” said Vaughan.

Government officials say they deported a total of 368,644 people. But almost two-thirds of those people, or 235,093, were caught at the border and promptly returned to their home countries.

Only 133,551 resident illegals were picked up in the interior of the country and deported, the ICE report admitted.

But 82 percent of those residents were deported for other offenses, ICE acknowledged. Those offenses include drunk driving, assault, robbery and drug possession.

The remaining 18 percent adds up to only 20,000 illegals of the 11.7 million illegals believed to be living in the United States.

That’s only one immigration-law deportation for every 585 illegals.


The figures they’re using above obviously came from official government stats. And we know, or should know, how our government lies to us. I think the ‘11.7 million’ this article quotes, can probably be doubled. The ‘unofficial’ estimate of illegal aliens operating within the US is upwards to 25-30 million. Which whether a tad too high or not, would most likely be closer to the actual numbers than the government lies.

Looking at it another way, a minimum of 10% of the total Mexican population have crossed over to the US side. That’s an estimated 12 million Mexicans operating within the US alone. And that of itself is more than the ‘11.7 million’ illegal aliens from government figures. But, what about the rest of South America? These people have been invading our country for 30 years now, and only a few of them have made it? Then, consider all the illegal’s from  Asia, Africa, the Mid-East and the rest of the world… can the government figure of 11.7 million even be considered? Hell no, our jew-tool politicians are in the midst of a nation destroying scheme as never seen before on such a grand scale. And of course they will lie about it. And the reason they lie is because this invasion is being perpetuated by their masters – the jew.

jewish push for immigration (googled)

One may also want to check out the links at the bottom of this page. (Jews seek to destroy White nations and they call it ‘multiculturalism & diversity‘).


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