“Self-fulfilling prophecies” – jew-psychology deployed against White athletes

Damn-it you White racist, supremacist, NAZI scum!
Don’t you know that black brother runs faster than you!

The biggest lie that makes the Caste System possible is that the White athlete just isn’t good enough to compete with (and prevail against) the Black athlete. If one buys into this notion, it becomes what is called a self-fulfilling prophecy. As quoted by Psychology Today:

Self-fulfilling prophecies—ideas that become reality simply because someone believes them—do not usually have strong effects. But a study shows that expectations may come to pass when many people hold the same beliefs—if those beliefs are unfavorable. In other words, if people believe it, then it becomes true. With regards to the Caste System, if White folks believe that they can’t perform on the level with their Black peers, then they won’t. This is primarily demonstrated by the lack of participation in so-called “Black” sports such as sprinting in track and field. If White athletes don’t believe they can run with the Black athletes, it follows that they won’t even go out for the sprints, then when they watch the sprints and see only Black kids running it fulfills their false belief that Blacks are faster.

Furthermore, it seems that facts do little to refute these powerful (albeit false) notions that perpetuate the Caste System (see the fastest female high school sprinter in the USA Marybeth Sant of Colorado).

Take, for example, my home state of Arkansas.  Continues hereMain page here.


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