Obama begins Zimbabwe style confiscation of white owned land in Wyoming

Obama begins Zimbabwe style confiscation of white owned land in Wyoming




The Obama regime has launched a full fledged Zimbabwe style land grab in Wyoming.


The town of Riverton was founded in 1905. Today the town has 10,600 people. About 80% are white and only 10% are American Indian.
The Obama regime just declared that the town will be removed from the state of Wyoming and given to the Wind River Indian Reservation. This is deliberately setting the state for the complete disintegration of the town.
The Wind River Indian reservation is not hurting for living space. It only has 23,237 residents who enjoy 3,473 square miles. This is almost an entire square mile for every six residents of the Indian reservation.
The acquisition of the town with increase the population by 46% while dramatically lowering the overall percentage of actual American Indians.
Based on public information, only 11,914 of the reservations 23,237 residents are even a member of the two tribes that share the reservation. This means much of the rest are already non-Indians. The acquisition of Riverton could actually make the reservation less than half American Indian!
In reality, the white residents will be squeezed out. According to the Obama run EPA, DOJ, and DOI, the State of Wyoming will no longer be under any obligation to provide services to the town. The town will be at the mercy of the tribal authorities and the tribal police. The Indian reservation will be under no obligation to even recognize the deeds held by residents of Riverton. Site link

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