3rd world Brazil struggles with gruesome prison violence, and also gang rape of female prisoners

Brazil Struggles With Grusome Prison Violence (sic) (video @ link)

An expert on Brazil’s prison system says he doesn’t expect any changes in the wake of the intense scrutiny the country is facing after video of inmate decapitations surfaces earlier in the week.

An international outcry erupted this week after video surfaced showing the brutal decapitation of three prisoners incarcerated in Pedrinhas Penitentiary Complex in Brazil’s Maranhao State.

The video, said to have been filmed last December 17 and posted on Brazilian daily Folha de Sao Paulo’s website this Tuesday, exhibited horrific scenes of violence which took place during a riot.

The United Nation’s Office of the High Commission for Human Rights is urging the Brazilian government to investigate the killings, and stop prison violence and overcrowding.

A professor of sociology in Rio de Janeiro, who has both studied and written a book on Brazil’s failing penal system, says he doesn’t expect any real change.

Image – click link above for actual video


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