Obama threatens to legalize millions of illegal aliens to feast upon the remains of America

Obama Threatens Executive Orders On Immigration, Won’t Wait For Legislation

The traitor politicians even screwed the American veteran to make life in America more tolerable, comfortable and as enticement for the illegal aliens to remain until they can be made ‘Americans.’ IE; Aliens predominantly from Mexico – and who are Mexican and who can NEVER be American. They can be American about as much as I can be Mexican. This is amazing stuff people. I mean who hired these vile politicians to slap us like this? We didn’t vote these bastards in to slap us down and screw us like cheap sluts standing on a street corner, did we? This really pisses me off but yet, what can I, or anyone do about it? And when we complain the jew talking heads on TV will tell us ‘it was you who voted them in, so you must agree with what they’re doing.’ No man, don’t blame the victim, neither I nor any decent American alive voted for these traitors to destroy America!

And just how many of these brown illegal things are in our country? The political whores even lie about that. The scumbag US politician has been allowing so many of these lowlife squat-monsters to slide across the border that even the world’s greatest mathematician would be incapable of calculating exactly how many. Yet, this Obama freak wants to make each and every one an ‘American.’ Is it 11.7 million? Twenty million? Thirty million? A fourth of the Mexican population along with untold percentages from any nation the world over already in our country – or what!?

And another thing, the tramps in DC know damn well this country simply cannot afford to support the millions of border jumpers already in our country. Much more the millions they will ultimately bring with them if and when they are legalized. You see, after these creatures are legalized and after five years, they are allowed to bring in their family members. And because there are no measures in place to check for damn sure who is or isn’t a family member, each individual then brings others like themselves in by the dozens – all considered legal US citizens. And of course that is then repeated over and over again. This report shows that 71% of them, and by ‘them’ I’m referring to mainly Mexican, are subsisting on US government handouts. Money taken from systems already going broke. Why would they (the politicians) want to legalize millions upon millions more, knowing it WILL break the system? Because that’s what they, Zionist jews, want to happen. This is no miscalculation or mistake. This is a well thought-out and methodical scheme to destroy America. And most of our politicians are nothing more or less than tools of the jew. Bought and paid for collaborators, doing the bidding of the jew.


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