White female marries black hyena predator, what could possibly go wrong here?

White female marries black hyena predator, what could possibly go wrong here?

After being forced to leave the dark predator, she goes missing.

Her frail little body was found in this creek, she had been
strangled. She had bred four offspring with the hyena and thus was
a mother of those four. Plus, she was preggy with her new White BF

Now me and this ole boy here are tryin to figure it all out. He’s the new boyfriend and I’m nobody. But still, we both want to know exactly what happened. Now listen, we drink a lil, have done quite a lot of dope in our lives and well, to be 100% honest the thing, we’re kinda rum-dumb. Plus, we love blacks and black music. We’d even raise four offspring that not only do not look anything like us, but, are actually black. At least by appearances and old government classifications. But still, we want to know what happened here. Who could and would have done such a thing?

Whoa, why did the popos slap this African-American down to the ground? Are they arresting him?

By-golly they are! Look they’re walking him to the jail? Wonder what he’s being framed by ‘the man’ for?

Oh wait, that’s my new girlfriend’s estranged husband. Wonder what he done?

The killer’s father, damn, how dark is the mother? And BTW, where is the mother?

Nothing like a camera flash to lighten up that skin


Obese negro slaughters preggy ex white ‘ho,’ does body drop in creek – upset she was having baby with new white stud – when will they learn? Melissa Sowders, Matthew Sowders


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