Judge to decide if double murderer and former prison guard has enough intelligence to face the death penalty

Negroes, they are just like you, just as smart as you, and can be placed above you via anti-white federal and state affirmative-action, college admission preferences, and employment promotion programs – yet, when they KILL one of you…. they are retarded!

Take born killer, negro and former prison guard Chastain Montgomery, he was competent enough, professional enough and obviously smarter than all the Whites (and others) he was competing against when he passed state prison guard tests and was rewarded with a prison guard job. But after he killed those two females at a post office, things went down hill from there. Now, his IQ has dropped to below 70. And that is just a cumahunchin more than the $63.00 he murdered the two females over.

Chastain Montgomery Sr. – me sick man, me be mentally ill

Prosecutors have overwhelming, iron-clad evidence against the dense and dumb black-trash negro in the robbery and double murder. A crime in which he pulled off with his own son (who was later capped cold by the popos). The dumb as a box of rocks idiot, when apprehended, yet had possession of the gun used to kill the two female postal workers. The wily dark thug even CONFESSED to the crimes. So, for the prosecution team, what more could you want?

And, if you’re the defense lawyer, what possible defense could you offer? The only thing you’ve really got is your dark slimy-skinned client is retarded! And if you don’t use that, and the stupid black bastard is convicted and sentenced to die like his victims, then at a later date he may appeal and win that appeal! And win it by claiming that he had ineffectual counsel! And yeah, that ineffectual counsel was YOU!

And hell yeah the negro is retarded, I realized that just as soon as I first opened the news reports and saw it was a negro! Just as soon as I saw that black face, I knew, THIS MF is retarded man! But who cares? It’s the retarded ones we need to string up by the neck. And I mean after it’s shown they are retarded enough and stupid enough and violent enough to KILL another person! And what exactly is wrong with killing a killer? Especially one who was born to kill. As well as rape, rob, riot, loot and burn. Not a damn thing! It’s these crazed killers we should want to kill and it doesn’t matter their IQ. If one is smart enough to kill, they are smart enough to die!

Prior to 1959 the IQ threshold for those suffering from intellectual disability IE; mental retardation, was 85. But this was in a ‘White World.’ In a black world, the IQ threshold was lowered to 70. Because at 85, over ½ the US black population would have been considered as intellectually incompetent or, ‘retarded.’ Thus by adjusting the standards, that also artificially reduced the black ‘retard’ population – down from about 50% to 12%.  And this is what must happen when one attempts to correlate and classify satanic sub-animal beasts along with human-beings. One must artificially adjust standards. And no one is better than that than the Marxists. The Cultural Marxists, those who have consistently and continually claimed; ‘blacks are the same as and equal with Whites.’ And in order to be ‘equal’ with Whites, the Marxists had to deceivingly lower the norms. More info here.

Flock all the BS man – hang this born killer today! And let’s hang it without further ado. Like ASAP. And if you don’t have the balls to do it, hand the creature to me. Just drag him to me by his wide nostrils and I will take it from there. I’ll have that SOB packaged and ground ready within 24 hours! And listen, all you soft, bleeding-heart liberal types, don’t worry about him not understanding what is taking place. He’ll understand, I’ll explain it every step of the way. … Now look here boy, you went into that post office and shot two females down in cold blood – which caused the deaths of both of them. And when one does such things, that means they is a bad muahfugga. And they must die. Now you see that nice, stout lamppost over there in the prison yard? Yessah. OK, now you see this here pretty rope? Yessah. What I’m going to do with it is tie it around your neck ever so gently. Then, I’m gunna carry your nasty, dirty, vile and black ass way up to the top of that lamppost. And drop you back to the ground. Do y-o-u understand? Yessah. But first, before I do those things. I’m gunna take this GD baseball bat here, that I’ve had soaking in used motor oil since nineteen and forty-two. It won’t bend, break, crack nor splinter. Do you understand that boy? Yessah. And I’m gunna break both your GD legs with the nice bat – do you unnastan? Yessah! And then I‘m going to use the nice baseball bat to break both your arms – you see whaimsayin boy? Yessah! And after all is said and done, you‘ll be in food-stamp, affirmative-action, civil rights and HUD heaven boy. Do y-o-u understand?! Yessah! You‘ll be marchin with Martin again boy – that‘s what you want to do isn‘t it boy! You want to march with Martin again – doncha boy!? YESSAH!!!!

You see soft-hearted, negro-loving libs, it don’t have to be difficult, complicated or confusing. Your boy will know what’s up every step of the way. Now, F all that phony-baloney court BS huh? We already knew your boy wasn’t right in the head. But he was right enough to rob, rape, loot, burn and kill. And that’s really the only point. Now, let’s get that rope huh?

Victims Judy Fayne & Paula Robinson


Judge To Decide If Man Accused Of Postal Murders Is Mentally Competent

The U.S. Supreme Court and federal law have barred intellectually disabled people from being executed.

Henning Post Office victim’s son calls Chastain Montgomery ‘cold-blooded killer,’ not mentally ill.


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