Large specimen of the feral bull negro tortures, rapes and murders 18-yo White female – claims it was an “accident” – ETA – Expose Them All

18-yo White female forced to live within a jewish world of ‘diversity and multiculturalism’ found dead in woods near a school. Was kidnapped, stabbed, slashed and raped.

Feral bull negro arrested. Charged with murder, rape, kidnapping and tampering with evidence. Claims he is innocent as it was all merely an ‘accident.’ As the girl laid near death or already dead, the buck goes shopping at a local Best Buy store. Afterwards, him and a pal spent the rest of the evening dining and enjoying an Ultimate Fighting bout at ’Buffalo Wild Wings’ restaurant and bar. Evidence suggests his White victim did not die directly because of the wounds he inflicted. And was alive as the bull negro was busy shopping and dining. Injuries on her knees suggested she attempted to crawl for help after the vicious black-attack. The vile and repulsive dark and slimy creature has confessed to the crimes against him. Police also found the murder weapon in his home. The murder weapon, a large knife, had the dried blood of the young White woman on it. Nonetheless, the repulsive negro attempted to confound the White detectives working on the case – as he will surely attempt to do against the legal professionals prosecuting him… yeah I did it, but…

Big daddy, Jimmy ‘where the F he get a name like that?’ McGee claims his offspring is innocent. Sez his buck didn’t know how to “handle the situation.” Yeah, ’Mr. McGee’ and us White folks are some stupid Mfr’s. We really believe that bastard buck you bred knew how to kidnap, rape, murder and tamper with evidence. BUT afterwards, he didn’t know how to ’handle the situation.’ And I guess he didn’t know how to shoplift at a Best Buy or suck the meat off chicken bones at Buffalo Wild Wings as he watched TV either? Damn, damn, DAMN! How I hate negro excuses!

Shown below with his buck and what I presume to be his court appointed White female lib-lawyer. Your honor, ‘it was just an accident’ and my client  didn’t know how to ‘handle the situation.’ Therefore I am requesting all charges against him be dropped and my client set free.

(Whether it’s the lawyer or the elder negro’s ho I don’t know. I also wonder concerning the younger negro’s appearance, is that his normal look or did they already give him ‘the court-makeover?’ As is normal for the public defender team to request their negro clients hack off all or most of their fur to eliminate the kinks and curls. And to also drop some eye-glasses on their faces to make them appear as more sophisticated, scholarly and… human. And of course less born-killer and African. Whatever the case, you can bet your ass the jury will see a different negro than the 18-yo White girl did as she was being raped and stabbed to death.)


There will NEVER be justice for this obese born-killer negro. For one thing, the word ‘justice’ is misused within the American legal system. If one steals $5.00 from you and is caught, and made to repay that $5.00 then yeah, that could be considered as justice. But after one is murdered, unless you can bring that person back, how can there truly be ‘justice?’ There can’t. Plus, because of the black bull’s age, 17, under state law, he cannot be sentenced to death. Nor can he even be given a life-without sentence. So what’s that leave? Nothing even close to what he had done. Another thing, and I hate to even mention it, but he won’t even be charged with a ‘hate crime.’ Not that hate crime charges mean much in such a case. I mean ‘hate crimes’ are only the government’s way to warn whitey that hey, you mess with one of our precious ‘minorities,’ we will double or triple your time. Even so, I will confess, a ‘hate crime’ conviction would be a nice way for the state to say; ‘it wasn’t a matter of not understanding the situation, and it wasn’t an accident – this dark evil thing did it out of hate!’

My heart bleeds for this young White woman. While she may not have been 100% innocent, as she may not have understood the full implications and the initial dangers she placed herself in (by hanging with the negro in the first place), she was not 100% culpable either. After all, it was the White man who allowed the jew to loosen the chains of the negro and allow it to walk free amongst them. Go free to do what insane and violent negroes do best. Victimize White people.

Adrien McGee+Danielle Michaels



  1. The Eastern suburbs of Columbus, OH are heavily infested with The Toxic Black Mold, that oozed out of Linden thanks to Section 8 and Gubbamint mortgage “assistance”.
    Columbus BLAK Mold Creatures are just as bad as the ones in Flor-A-Duh, Apelanta, Memphrica, Filthadelphia, Chiraq, Detoilet and the many other bastions of DIEversity.
    Thanks a pantload, you nation wrecking jew bastards.


  2. Anton Chigurh

    The picture of the man, woman, and ape in court leads me to believe the bloated blonde is the mother. How could she just throw away her genetics and fuck a bloated, bald groid?


  3. Anton Chigurh

    More & more women are waking up to the fact that coons are lower than animals and smell worse. Ladies, just because the media tells you it’s fun to have sex with animals, it does not mean you have to do it.

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