Not Amanda Knox – It was the n*gger

ETA says:
October 4, 2011 at 7:59 am

Not Amanda Knox – It was the n*gger

None of them are ‘wurf a chit’ – but below, the n*gger murderer. Soon after this case went international, the n*gger was dropped out of the limelight. But look at the creature, a born killer…. Hang this MF’r and this case would be closed…

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Mixed English/African/Indian victim shown below… Meredith Kercher

Prior to her murder, was seen ‘petting’ with the n*gger shown above. The n*gger told police they didn’t have a condom and she wouldn’t let him have sex with her. Claims he saw the killer and the killer was white. His DNA, was found on a bloodied bra of the victim, both prosecution and defense stated it appeared she had some type of forced sex-acts committed against her and against her will. Differences as to who forced her, and if the sex-acts were prior to, or after death, are disputed.

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Father, mother and sister of Meredith Kercher, none will ever see justice for their daughter/sister while the international community ignores the n*gger while attempting to frame the White American Amanda Knox and her White Italian boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito.


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Aye lubs dems wite ho’s… Rudy Hermann Guede

He lubbed dems wite womenz, finger prints/DNA all over the murder scene – he loved them to death. He swapped spit with a half-white/half-black tramp. The tramp refused him when he couldn’t produce a condom. Afterwards she had her throat cut and was left to choke to death on her own blood like a bull in a kosher slaughterhouse. She was then subjected to some form of African sex abuse, either prior to, or directly after, she succumbed to her injuries. The n*gger claimed to have seen the killer leaving the scene. Also claimed the killer informed him that; “You’re black, they’ll blame you.” But that’s the last thing authorities wanted to do, was to blame the n*gger. Not when they could pin the crime of two n*gger-loving, White trash dopers.

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The Italian police should have strung this n*gger up when they had the chance. Along with
the Italians who allowed this creature to enter Italy while seducing and murdering at will.

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N*gger-loving, dope-loving and spoiled White kids find themselves in the middle of treachery that was once only seen on the African continent. But because this case was “too hot to handle” and they couldn’t outright blame the nigger alone, both were convicted of the n*gger’s dastardly deeds.

I find you guilty of being low-life n*gger-lovers, dopers and just all around no good White trash, who’s parents have money, but, I find you innocent of murder.

Click the image to open in full size.
One of these MF’rs is a sex-fiend and killer – use logic – which one? Which
one of the three below would cut your throat and then watch as you die?
Click the image to open in full size.

Tell The Truth – Don’t Lie


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