Black supremacist shoots White wife and mother of four six times for no other reason than hate – incident happened inside a Wal-Mart

Black supremacist opens up inside a Wal-Mart on White female. Shoots the wife and mother of four six times. The two didn’t even know each other. More black on White hate and racism. Images and links below.

Lori Martin, shown below (second from left) with hubby
and two of her children – and with hubby, second image

White medical professionals arrive on scene, and try to save her life.

Myron Terrell, racist, supremacist, dark thug and affirmative-action hire at the
Wal-Mart where the incident occurred. After getting off work, he hung around to select
which White would become his murder victim. For whatever reason, he chose Mrs. Martin.

LaTresha Woodruff, another affirmative-action hire. The popo department made her the ‘official spokesperson’

We don’t need anymore ‘affirmative-action’ – we need the negro beast to stay the F away from us and our women!


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