DNA catches up to dark predator ‘delivery man’ charged in 1974 murder of 21-yo White woman

In 1974 21-yo Eileen Ferro became yet another victim of John F. Kennedy’s envisioned dream of ‘affirmative action.’ But prior to his dream being realized, his vice-president, Lyndon Baines Johnson, teaming up with zio-jews, blew JFK’s head off during a visit to Dallas, TX. Texas at that time was known as the ‘Zionist Capital’ of America because of the large number of jews operating within the state. With the vast majority based out of Dallas. And with LBJ’s close ties to Zionists and Texas, specifically Dallas, it all added up to the perfect spot for a well planned assassination.

Yet Johnson’s killing didn’t stop in Dallas, and it continues to this day. It continues through his passage of ’affirmative action‘ – the Act he signed into law after he took control from the now dead JFK. And nine years after he signed that Act, in 1965, a vile and dirty negro, hired as ’delivery man’ made a delivery to the young 21-yo White victim’s home. And it would be of my opinion that, ‘affirmative action’ provided him the opportunity and excuse to enter into her home, learn the layout of her home, learn which car she drove and which one her husband drove, and to know that when his car was gone, and hers present, she was home alone. And ‘affirmative action,’ again, in my opinion, was all that was needed for the sub-animal thing to make a return visit back to her home a few days later. But this visit wasn’t for a delivery, it was for a cruel and vicious murder.

Prior to JFK’s and LBJ’s ‘affirmative action’ schemes, if a lusting and violent negro was so much as spotted near the home of a White man, the calls would go out. And those calls would be echoed throughout the area of the dangers present. And of course the dangers were of the presence of a negro. As negroes are extremely dangerous animals. And people used to realize that and would scream, yell and holler at the first negro sighting. They would yell and scream for a number of reasons, some of those reasons were to summon the men folk, to warn any older children playing in the neighborhood, and for the mothers to gather up the younger children. And most importantly, to forewarn the tender and delicate young White women and girls. Because more than likely, that’s what the invading negro was after. They would continue hoopin’ and hollerin’ until the evil, dark creature was caught or they knew it had escaped. You can read a few of my experiences when the United States Federal Government forcefully integrated my childhood neighborhood – here and here. And towards the end of the government destruction against our neighborhood, I remember ‘the call’ going out many times. Now I know this sounds insane to some but, White people were indeed a collective group and did act in unison to protect themselves and each other when necessary. And if that was yet the case today, there would be a lot less negro on White rapes, robberies and murders. But of course today, existing in this anti-white world of Cultural Marxism, for one to even mention black against White crime – would be raaacist.

Even though this particular incident took place in 1974, the murder of the 21-yo old White woman, negroes still commit the same type crimes today. They knock on your door as ‘affirmative action’ cable installers, phone service repairmen or whatever, and you let them in. And after they enter into your home you find the bastards sneaking and creeping about at the opposite end of the house where the work is. Maybe even in the basement niggling a window open for future use. You question them about it and they act even more dense, dumb and stupid than they actually are. I’se sho ain’t meant ta be down der. Or, I’se wuz lookin fo de baffroom. But what they are really doing is casing the joint. Even if they themselves didn’t plan to rob you, believe me, they know an entire hood of ghetto dwellers who will. And they can, will and do, sell your info to them.

And White women… man alive, these beautiful and delicate creatures… they just love to talk. And even in casual conversation, they’ll tell the negro everything. Such as…. oh, I wanted to surprise my husband with that extra phone jack. And I wanted to get it installed before he gets back next Tuesday. Or, oh, I’m just so bored being home alone all day, I’m thinking about getting a part-time job during the day, you know, while the kids are at school and the hubby’s at work etc. I mean many of these sweet and naive babies just don‘t comprehend any dangers from the savage in their midst at all. Especially the younger women. They just see the dark, calculating thing in their homes as the ’cable guy’ or the ’phone man.’ And like I said, they just love to talk. And that’s a dangerous combination. A loose lipped woman and a big lipped negro.

Now being a man, on the few occasions I have called the cable company or whoever for repair and they sent out some ’affirmative action’ thug they just hired because of one government tax savings scheme or another, I just run the MF’s off.

And I run them off just like I have when those religious freaks bang on my door. One time I was in an extra good mood one early summer eve, when a couple of them came by. It was a male and a female, and the female one was kinda pretty. So I figured I‘d hear them out. And as I looked at her and listened to him, he rolled on for about a minute or so before he whips out a  magazine and tries to hand it to me. The cover had a negro on it! I asked him, what in the hell does negroes and what I presumed to be a ‘White man’s’ religion have in common? Well sir, they’re God’s children to. In which I replied; if that’s the case, he made them different races and separated them by thousands of miles! So I STILL don’t understand why a NIGGER is on the cover of that magazine! And they started to back off at that point. And that was also the point I was tired of lookin’ at her and listenin’ to him. And I run them both off. And as I stated, the few negroes that banged on my door, when they got the far, got the same exact treatment. But only faster.

I just don’t want the slimy bastards inside my house casing the joint. Peeking in the garage, seeing two vehicles, one car, one truck and knowing that I drive the truck and when it’s gone, mama and the kids are alone and vulnerable. And to be honest about it, negroes are the same way. They won’t allow feral negroes they aren’t familiar with to be near their homes, or in their yards or on their property. During my business dealings, when I worked for companies, I’ve seen them run other negroes from near their homes. And the couple times I’ve inquired about it, they’d say something like, ‘them niggas is dangerous man.’ And boy are they right, and I feel the same way.

Now if I were female, I just wouldn’t allow a negro to enter into my home. And I’d accomplish that by whatever means and/or ingenuity I could think of. Of course being a female, you’d want to be somewhat polite. Just tell the nasty negro through the chained door that he’s at the wrong house, you didn’t call. The appointment wasn’t for today, your company made a mistake. Myself and my husband were just getting ready to leave for a few minutes. Whatever it took, just don’t let the ’affirmative action’ winner enter into your home. And if you do, while nothing may ever come from it, still, you’re placing yourself in a very dangerous situation. Many White females have been raped, beaten and some even murdered because of ‘affirmative action‘ recipients. The bottom line, be safe, be smart, the idea of life is to live it. So keep on living.

And PS. I’m not trying to tell anybody anything. I’m just offering what I consider some solid and friendly advice. And I don’t have to attempt to teach anyone a lesson or anything. For any lessons that could be gained on this page, can be attained from looking at the images and browsing the links below.

Eileen Ferro shown below. For the government and the jews who instigated the laws, turning the negro beast completely free just wasn’t good enough. Giving it the same rights as Whites wasn’t either. And that’s why ‘Civil Rights’ were really ’Civil Wrongs.’ And that goes doubly for ‘affirmative action’ – forcing businesses to hire dangerous and born-killer negroes just wasn‘t a good idea. And another thing, they lied to us when they claimed it was just a ‘temporary remedy’ and it would ‘level the playing field‘ – it wasn’t temporary and it  didn’t level the playing field. Matter of fact, it discriminates against Whites to this day, and kicked them completely OFF the field. And sometimes even… ‘under the field’ – as in six foot under! Rot in hell JFK and LBJ – you lowlife jew-tool turncoats!

The negro killer this time, Lonzo Guthrie Jr.





Disclaimer: Any typos, misspelled words, bad grammar style, sentence structure, paragraph configuration, or stuff that just doesn’t make any sense at all, I blame ‘affirmative action.’ They didn’t give me any.


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