Sick black on black activities – Father orders his mammy, his daughter‘s grandmammy, to torture, beat and finally murder his 8-yo female negro offspring

Sick black on black activities – Father orders his mammy, his daughter‘s grandmammy, to torture, beat and finally murder his 8-yo female negro offspring. And I’m going to tell you the truth here, I was almost, damn near…. it was close, surprised by it.

Are these MF’s even human man? And be straight with me. If they’re not, then just tell me now. I don’t want to find it out later, you know, like I did Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny. Oh, and the tooth fairy. Man, I was 26 years old before someone filled me in about the tooth fairy. I just thought the bastard went broke after I turned ten. So just give it to me straight, that‘s all I ask.

Nah, nobody agrees with crap like this. And if anyone did, they’d be just as sick as the ones who done it. Yet one must understand that if the 8-yo had lived, she would have undoubtedly bred out numerous offspring. Offspring  who would have been just like the ones who killed her. Her death, not that I am pleased or happy about it, saved no telling how much pain and misery to White people. Pains and miseries in the form of theft, assault and even murder against White people. As I’ve said often, the more the n*gger  breeds, the more Whites who will bleed. Or, something like that. Besides, all I want to do is ship them out of the country and away from me and mine, I don’t want to kill them. Not all of them anyway.

And one last thing. That ole btch up in that image crying like a baby. F her. And that’s always been the way I’ve felt about these sub-animal beasts. Whenever I see one of the bastards crying over a White victim of black crime, I may feel differently. And until I do, again, F that btch. Plus, that nasty thing didn’t shed a tear for her granddaughter, yet feels pain and suffers when her own ass is under the flames. Those are the worst type of beings the world over, nothing but inhumane and soulless animals. Ole selfish, gutless and remorseless cowards. And I don’t even know if there’s enough human-being within these primitive-primate descendants to even make that claim. Lower than a snakes belly bastards. They make me sick!

When a skeletal Andre Ford was wheeled into court last week, even prosecutors said the ailing man was too frail to beat the 8-year-old daughter he is accused of murdering.

But what Ford couldn’t do with his hands, he did with his mouth, allegedly mandating the sadistic punishments and vicious beatings that led up to Gizzell Ford’s strangulation, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

When you’ve met the n*gger, you’ve met the lowest form of  life on the face of the earth!

Andre Ford – Helen Ford – Gizzell Ford – ETA – Expose Them All


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