Wild beasts rampage through Florida State Fair – Popo forced to shut it down – Top Cop makes plea to black ‘leaders’ – I don’t know why – looks like they’ve already failed (2)

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Trying to make the point that; “these were gang-bangers’ and NOT just the ‘all around, nice kind, upstanding, decent and regular negro.’ As if there’s a real distinction.

And this letter, like a big LOL! If the so-called black ‘leaders’ could do anything, their out of control brethren wouldn’t be rampaging through the fair to begin with.

“They’re trampling patrons, knocking them over, using it as an opportunity to commit crimes,” the other detective said, describing the actions of the gang members. “They were using it as a means to instill fear in the crowd and basically have fun at the crowd’s expense.”

Sheriff David Gee, meanwhile, sent a letter to leaders in the African American community, asking for their help.

“I am concerned that the overwhelming number of youth and young adults arrested or ejected from the midway for misconduct were African American,” Gee wrote in the letter.


Copies of Gee’s plea for help were sent to James Cole, president of the Sheriff’s Black Advisory Council; Dr. Carolyn Collins, president of the Hillsborough NAACP; and Dr. James Favorite, pastor of Beulah Baptist Church.


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