Anti-White EEOC

Obama Wages Racial Socialist War on White-Owned Corporations, Taxpayers

President Obama’s Minority Occupation Government is shaking down companies around the country because of trumped up charges of “racism.” What’s worse, white taxpayers are financially subsidizing their own dispossession.

A typical example is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s lawfare on the trucking company YRC. Between 2009 and 2012, Obama’s EEOC shook down the long-ailing YRC Inc. no fewer than three times.

The EEOC simply presumed the white-owned firm’s guilt and attempted to destroy the company by initiating separate lawsuits and shakedown schemes against both the corporate headquarters and individual work sites. More importantly, even though the company repeatedly settled in order to avoid endless litigation, the EEOC kept inventing new charges. As is always the case with gangsters, no payoff was ever enough.

During the EEOC’s first attack in 2009, YRC was blackmailed into “voluntarily” paying indeterminate sums for minority outreach and additional affirmative action trucking and dockworker jobs for blacks, women, and Hispanics. Needless to say, just like every other large, white-owned firm, YRC was already wasting millions of dollars on affirmative action. At no point did the government even assert that the company had done anything wrong.  Continues


Dems muahfuggas wuz raacist down der mayne.
Is a brotha work der, he can’ts eben pay he rent
or get heselbs some ho-thrillin threads or eben buy
heselbs some hunna dolla pimp shades. Raacism!

Ah nicca jus cant lives like dis mayne.


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