Anti-white Mark Potok spewing hate on ZNN….

LOL, this jew Potok and the jew-owned CNN, or more accurately, ‘ZNN” (Zionist News Network), are so full of sh*t that they don’t even believe their own BS. They just want you to. And I’d imagine anyone stupid enough to lay around a TV and watch it, probably does believe the BS. And these jews and their ‘polls’ – like who the F in their right mind would believe ANY jew poll? And that’s if there even was a poll as Potok referenced and claimed. Like that ADL jew Abraham Foxman, claiming he did a poll and it showed  something like 45% of Whites were ‘anti-Semitic.’  Well GD Abe, is that all? You sure its not like 46% or something? I mean we know it couldn’t be less. Jews and their polls… anti-white BS… and that’s all it is. 

It’s just amazing, these biased jewish owned TV networks promoting jews like Potok – while reporting and commenting on pure horsesh*t topics. Like as if these were real news events, reports or sincere and genuine public or human interest stories. Its not even yellow-journalism man, its just pure BS,  jew-blather and made-up non-reporting. Showing the utmost contempt and hatred towards Whites while ‘reporting’ of how they despise contempt and hatred. And in 2014, some people STILL fall for this BS! But many are losing interest and its no wonder CNN is in trouble with viewership. CNN’s rating have been and still are going down, ratings so low they’re dropping off the charts. With the CNN head jew, Jeff Zucker, firing host after host. Damn man, people are stupid but just not THAT stupid. And it would take one stupid SOB to watch Mark Potok or any network that would promote him or his anti-white jew group, the SPLC!

And it wouldn’t matter if “half of all White people” were ‘racist’ or not – damn man, they aren’t doing anything ‘racist!’ I mean they’re not assaulting or killing blacks at record levels, they’re not raping black women by the tens of thousands every year – like blacks are against Whites! So what these “we love blacks” jews are really worried about is that if Whites were ever to awaken and take action against the real haters and racists, the ones who are REALLY committing the beatings, rapes, robberies and killings – the blacks, they would soon awaken to the jew! As is said; ’the n*gger is the symptom, but the jew is the disease!’ Jews are the enablers and protectors of blacks. Because the jew knows he can destroy the White race and White nations with blacks! Which is exactly what they are doing! But this phony  jew Potok can’t come out and say that, no, so the cunning, conniving and manipulative White-hating communist feigns like he loves blacks and that Whites are “raaacist!” F this GD “poll“ BS man! And F CNN and Potok! CNN And Potok – undersides of the same type venomous snake!


Yes, and let me get back to what I was saying Julie, my poll shows that at minimum, 50% of Whites are evil racists. And these Hitler-crazy Nazi White supremacists haters just don’t love our oppressed blacks enough. And us loving and tolerant jews at the SPLC…


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  1. Look on the bright side, no one watches CNN for its fair journalism. As for the retard George Lucas clone, he has too many chromosomes, which means a short life.


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