Two black killers whine and cry as execution date nears – afraid to die a ‘cruel’ death

One invaded the home of a man intending to rob him. When two females came for a visit they were repeatedly beaten, tortured and raped. One was murdered. I’m assuming these victims are or were White. The other tribesman raped and murdered an 11 month old infant, again, of unknown race. And the only way we’d know for sure what race these victims were is if the perps would have been White and the victims black. Then we’d know for damn sure because there would be victim/perp images all over these reports.

I don’t know about anyone else but I personally couldn’t give a damn about either sub-animal beast. And when I read and learn about stories like these, my first thought is; ‘why are these freaks of nature still alive?‘ And in this case, ‘cruel and unusual’ death? Like their victims died of natural causes. Our forefathers had it down pat. They’d know what to do. And they’d do it without a seconds thought or some lib court worrying about if they’d suffer as they were hung from that nice, stout oak tree in the town’s square. I mean WTF these baboons want? You want us to dig your victims up and let you rape them again? But this time, right as your getting your ‘freak’ off,  someone gently places a bullet inside your head?


Murdered victim of unknown race, 19-yo Stephanie Nieman

Clayton Lockett, Shawn Mathis, Alfonso Lockett, Charles Warner



19-yo Stephanie Nieman’s image found

White victim of black crime:

The cost of allowing negroes to roam free within your lands….

Raped and murdered infant: Adriana Waller
Mammy’s name: Shonda Waller

No images found.


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