“Tony” charged with food stamp fraud – The job, most Americans won’t do…

I’d bet that when the government relocated this cat from Saudi Arabia or wherever he came from, they gave him tons of low-interest and no-interest loans and grants. All so he could become a much respected businessman and merchant. And you know what? No matter how they or anyone else tried, a leopard just can’t change its spots. But why should the bastard be fair and square? Why should he run an honest and ethical business? He sees Americans and the American government as suckers, if not as enemies. I mean if the Saudi government flew my ass over to Saudi Arabia and then gave me thousands upon thousands of dollars to open up a business – all while they were taxing the crap out of the average Saudi citizen and wouldn’t give them a two cent loan if they were dying and needed an operation, why the hell wouldn’t I cheat that government and its people? Hell man, it obvious, they would be the biggest suckers in the world. How could I ever think of being honest with them? Suckers aren’t treated fair, square or even as equals. Suckers are slapped down, dicked down and then spit on. That’s our government alright and guess what, because of our government, we are seen as the same way as them. These brown folks have no respect for our government and they have none for us. And why should they? We never gave them any reason to. And just think of the silly and dilly ass Whites who have done and still do business with this lowlife alien? And I’m not talking about the crooked ones, I’m referring to the honest ones. Those who would give him their hard earned money while never thinking of patronizing a business owned by a member of their own race. Damn man, and you wonder why he cheats your asses? Also, I wonder what they think of his brown & crooked ass now? I’m sure most of them are full of excuses for him. Oh gosh, I just can’t believe “Tony” would do such a thing. It’s just got to be White ‘raaacism,’ yeah, that’s it, that’s why they’re going after my pal “Tony“ – raaaaacism.  You low life pieces of sh*ts! STOP patronizing foreign and alien owned businesses!

Police allege that Mushtaq stored drugs and merchandise at his house in Everett. There was little storage room in the 800-square-foot strip-mall store. A photo from an undercover operation showed cases of soda and other drinks stacked in his garage seven feet high. There was too much merchandise in the garage to fit a vehicle inside.

“There’s only an aisle to walk in within the three-car garage,” Duffy said.

Mushtaq is from Pakistan and became a U.S. citizen a couple of years ago, Duffy said. Investigators believe he was sending money from his store back home to Pakistan.





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