Greedy jews threaten international cooperation’s between French firm and US city – hop in as ‘middleman’ – wanting a ‘cut’ of the action – claims it’s a ‘holocaust thing’

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — A major French railway company has come under renewed scrutiny in the US over its ties to the Holocaust®, and billions of dollars are at stake.

The state-owned Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Français (SNCF) [allegedly] shipped thousands of Jews to death camps during the Second World War, when France was occupied by German troops. The company formally apologized in 2011, saying it acted under coercion from the [Germans], but Holocaust® survivors in the US are demanding reparations, and lawmakers have sprung into action.

This month the Maryland state legislature will debate a bill that would block an SNCF subsidiary from winning a lucrative public transit project unless its parent company pays reparations to Holocaust® survivors in the US. Continues


A $900 million federal grant to build a light-rail Purple Line would be jeopardized if Maryland lawmakers require an affiliate of one of the project’s bidders to compensate Holocaust victims it transported to Nazi death camps, according to a top attorney for the Federal Transit Administration. Continues



Greedy jews threaten international cooperation’s between French firm and US city. Jews hop in as ‘middleman’ – wanting a ‘cut’ of the action – claims it’s a ‘holocaust thing’

Millions of shekels will never right this wrong. But hey, we’ll take the cash anyway! Jews.

You vill pay us or the project is off! And we have enough government stooges at all levels to accomplish that!

Damn, I wonder just how many jews who have relocated to America were actually affected by this France rail company back in the 1940’s? Zero? And if more than zero, how many could possibly be alive? Guess it doesn’t matter. Because now they demand payments for ‘holocaust descendants!’ What a racket!

The French taxpayers have already paid the jews over $6 billion dollars. Yet they want more!

There can be NO cooperation’s between White nations or White people without interference from jews! You goys WILL pay!

Another rail project to carry ghetto/criminal blacks, South Americans and all assortments of non-white out to White areas. You know, that ‘diversity’ thing?


Holocaust Fraud


You cannot start this project unless & until you pay us jews, damnit!

All White countries owe us jews!

I’ll take a hundred dollars right now.
But if I have to wait, I’m chargin interest I tell you!


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