Affirmative-Action News: Chili’s Restaurant hires female negro – female negro in turn robs White customers blind

Hired last December per government anti-white mandate, known as ‘affirmative-action,’ restaurant chain hires plump female negro to serve predominate White customer base their food. The female negro then steals the White’ folks credit card information. Looking at her image, below, it would appear as if she used some of her ill-gotten gains to straighten that  naturally kinky fur. Making her seem less negroid and more White. A trick possibly used to make her appear less criminal and more trustworthy, thus enabling her to steal even more. The cunningness of the beast knows no bounds, especially when it comes to illegal & immoral activities. If it has anything to do about ‘getting over’ or ‘getting mines’ – the negro has no equals. While this incident in and of itself comes as no surprise, as it is well documented the ghetto negro lays up while plotting, planning, comparing stories and notes while devising schemes and scams to beat whitey out of their sh*t, what is surprising, actually shocking, is the fact that whitey continues to patronize these affirmative-action establishments. And one last thing, when they are trading stories about what they had done against whitey, while she was telling her story, about all those stolen credit card numbers, that would be upsetting. Yet the one the black cooks told, of what they done to whitey’s food, well… that would be stories I’d just rather not hear. Affirmative-action sucks, and it sucks not only because it is anti-white in nature, but because it’s anti-white in so many ways. It just opens whitey up to abuse in more ways than just the obvious.

I wonder if she’ll contact Jesse, Al, Holder, Obama or the local chapter of the NAACP to file a discrimination suit over her firing. Assuming she was indeed fired.

Got her paws done and everything……

One comment

  1. Anton Chigurh

    I see hasbarat/nigra fact checkers are on the ‘net trying to dispute groid crime. Hey ThatzDudez, niggas be some real thievin’ pieces o’ shit, gnomesayin’?? The only good nigga is a dead nigga!!!!!!!


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