This is Ohio. This is America. And this is what your government has done to your country…

This is Ohio. This is America. And this is what your government has done to your country…

Filipino warrior caps cold three reconquista invaders at Ohio watering hole. The three capped were warriors as well. Aztec warriors who are in the midst of overtaking America via United States Federal Government support. In Marxist media reports, they are labeled as “Hispanics” but what they are, are undoubtedly remnants and descendants of the tribes of Aztecs, Incas and/or Mayans. Primitive and brutal tribes which originated from Asia, before settling in parts of what is now Mexico. And through their Asiatic connections, the four players, the executioner and the three executed, would have shared some common DNA traits. At least more common than the White Americans and the America they are invading. It would be more appropriate for these Aztecs, Mayans or Inca descendants to be invading an Asian island nation than America. But of course that is why the Zionist run government in DC and the Marxist ruled lower puppet governments in every state capital is allowing these dissimilar peoples to invade. Because they are different and they can and will destroy the DNA of the majority White American people. Which would bring the downfall of America proper. Which is exactly what they want to accomplish. And any who are still in denial, those who claim ‘it’s all taking place by chance’ or ‘it’s not a concerted effort’ are fools. Not only fools but, fool’s fools.

Igmidio Mista, a Filipino scumbag, brought or allowed into the United States by the United States Federal Government. A government that seeks to ‘diversify’ and ‘multiculturalize’ White America. A government that doesn’t care if he would have slit the throat of a White American man just to watch him die or, if he had raped and beaten to death an American White woman for thrill. But this time it backfired. Aztecs, Mayans and Incas don’t believe in that US government jew-jive BS. They don’t like nor believe in those con-job ‘diversity’ or ‘multiculturalism’ shams and schemes. At least not for themselves. And after their Filipino brother hit on one of their women, he was told ‘to back off’ – and he did back off. He backed off as he floated a rod while positioning himself into a shooting stance. And yeah, he capped cold three. And so what? So the F what!? Because the United States Zionist Government doesn’t care about me or mine, I don’t care about them or theirs. And like the United States Federal Government concerning Whites, I don’t give a damn if they cut each others throats or beat each other to death. Or even if they act out in a third world manner and shoot each other down and dead. And why should I? I have no reason to. And don’t misunderstand, I don’t like to see this type barbarity, especially in the country in which I live and love, but what did the government expect when they brought in millions of these savages? Known savages from known savage tribes? I mean a government who spends millions of dollars to study and analyze why bears sh*t in the woods, surely must of had some inkling these third world savages just might be violent, dangerous and insane. At least this time, there weren’t any White victims. And I know the government hates that.

Killer Igmidio Mista displayed below

Capped cold three of his brothers. The federal jew-ruled government would have much preferred he destroy the genes of your White daughter though miscegenation. Just imagine the beautiful, strong and healthy child the average 5’8” White woman and 6’ White man would have produced. Now, imagine the thing that same White woman with this 5’5” ugly midget and defect of nature would have produced. That’s what the government wanted. And it goes both ways. I know of 6’ White men who’ve mated with lil, short, fat, ugly, 4’8” Filipino females – and who have shat out a creature that really shouldn’t have been considered as human. And don’t be offended here folks, hot-damn man! Don’t let those tender ‘Christ was a jew’ – ‘we’re all different and the same’ – and ‘diversity is our strength’ feelings get all knotted up! I’m just offering opinions here, just trying to sort it out, you know, trying to get to the bottom of this mess and on a personal level. That’s all it is. Really. Hell man, I don’t believe Christ was a jew, I think he was a Filipino! So you know I’m not ‘raaaacist.’

*Christ was a Filipino, probably looked about like this insane nut…

*Being sarcastic.

And look at this… they even made one of those who were executed a ’cop’ – LOL – a cop! A F’n ’cop!’ – in a police department – in the United States of America! Hey! Now I want to play this ‘diversity’ and ‘multicultural’ game! And I want to be a cop in Manila, nooo, I meant in Ulan Bator, yeah, Ulan Bator – the capital city of Mongolia! Nah, heck with THAT! I want to be a cop in Acapulco! Ahh, Acapulco. Hey, they do believe in ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’ there … don’t they? Good god man, it’s not ONLY White nations that believe in it, is it!? I’d bet they’d welcome me with open arms down there, yeah! I’d be a regular mofo once I arrived. Probably set me up with some food stamps, cash and a place to live – at least until I get settled in as a cop! A cop! They made this jungle savage a COP! I don’t know if I should laugh, cry, or just remain stone-faced and stupid! What do YOU think!??? What do all you ole ‘diversity’ and ‘multicultural’ con-job, jew-jive reciting and nation destroying and gene stealing bastards think!??? Think I should become a cop in Acapulco or just have the federal government bring in millions more tribesmen to police us here in America?

The jew-dominated media considers him “Hispanic” – but he looks more like he should be found in the jungles of Mongolia searching for sustenance on the jungle floor… rather than a ‘cop’ in the United States of America.

Yo, Santiago, Rafael and Juan, stop the drug running and come to Americo, they make you cop up here…

Lowlife pieces of nation stealing/destroying sh*ts! I care for you-all exactly as much as the United States Federal Government cares for me! -0

Fremont Police have identified the three deceased victims as:

Ramiro Sanchez, 28, who was employed as the bartender.
Daniel Ramirez, 25, who was a patron of the bar.
Jose “Andy” Chavez, 26, who was an off-duty Elmore Police Officer.

Igmidio Mista, Ramiro Sanchez, Daniel Ramirez, Jose Chavez, ETA, Expose Them All

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