27-yo Aztec warrior just ‘felt like killing his 12-yo brother’ – and he did

Hey man, when ya got the feeling, you got it. Okay? And isn’t that what America is all about, feelings? You know, those tender little feelings jews, libs and jigs have when they ‘feel’ offended and call whitey ‘raacist.’ And start filing ‘discrimination’ lawsuits when they ‘feel’ Whitey just didn’t love them enough.

Below, yet another mixed race freak. A Mayan, Aztec and/or Inca descendant – a freaky mixed race peoples who originally hailed from the jungles of Asia. And then settled down in what is now Mexico. And now, many, who have resettled their asses in America. Courtesy of the United States Federal Government. And of course all you White ‘NAZI, racist, supremacist’ taxpayers out there. The jews in their vast media empire call these freaks “Hispanics.“ But GD man, these freaks of defective and mutated genes wouldn’t make a pimple on a real Hispanic’s ass. And I hate to be so vulgar over the stuff, I mean I guess I could be ’nice’ about it. Wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of those delicate ’feelings’ these non-whites seem to have. But damn man, the freak killed his own brother, and that wasn’t very nice.

Now, looking at his image below, of this “Hispanic man’ – you should notice those slanted eyes. Ah huh. That came from an Asian jungle somewhere and was brought to Mexico long ago. Now listen, and I’m pretty good about this, not 100% mind you, but pretty good anyway. Perhaps a 99.999% accuracy rate. But, I think the SOB has some negro in him too! And the reason for this paragraph is I want to make it plain what the United States Federal jew Government is doing against you. “You” being the once proud and dominate White race of this country. Because this is what they want YOU to become – a GD mindless, sadistic, sick in the F’n head mixed race FREAK!




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