Affirmative-action car salesmen sentenced in shooting death of his White manager

Yet another depraved and violent affirmative-action negro and another White victim of that depravity and violence. One can dress a negro up anyway they want, they can cover them with police uniforms, they can drape  fireman’s coats over them, they can even dress them to the nines and make ‘car salesmen’ out of them but still, underneath, what you’ve got is… a vile and savage negro beast! Like they say, you can dress them up, but you just can’t take them into town.

Another tragedy beyond compare. How do we put up with this!? How do we put up with THIS!!!

Made a ‘salesmen’ out of a beast

Keith Grimmett, Rob Kuentz, black on White Crime, Murder, Affirmative Action, ETA, Expose Them All


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