Buck takes out his 80-yo grandmammy

I don’t even like to cover black on black crime. Because I really don’t care what they do to each other. I mean I care about it about as much as I care about rats fighting out back on my steep hill I can’t even go because it’s too steep. But some of it is just extra sadistic and barbaric. Like killing your grandmammy. I just don’t know if the sh*t can get any lower than that. You may have just reached the bottom wrung when you off your own grandmammy. But that’s exactly what this undomesticated sub-animal did. He offed the grandmammy. And while I don’t agree with it, I’ll just say…. I understand. I understand the negro creature is nothing more than a  primitive creature and well, crap like this is to be expected. Like I said, those rats, they’d bite the heads off their own relations and then eat the brains out. F, what else can I say? Nature is harsh. And nothing is quite as harsh as a hard-up ‘hunter-gatherer’ – they‘d resort to even killing their own grandmammy‘s.




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