Living black – multicultural nightmare; White woman slaughtered in Toronto Canada was living as if she were black – and died the same way

“Slain mom was ‘random victim’ says cops.” Just as soon as I saw that headline I knew. I knew the victim was White and her killers black. Because “random” = a black on White attack. (The rare White on black attack are reported as ‘hate crimes’).

The PC popo – “it was random” – and in a F’d up world of Cultural Marxism what did we expect them to say? Blacks kill another White person? Of course not. Because that just wouldn’t fit the narrative of ‘blacks are good, Whites are bad.’ Plus, a headline like that, would have been ‘raaacist.’ Cultural Marxism, a world turned upside down – where lies are truths, truths are lies and one must not know the difference. Now, ask me what happened to the White girl. The murdered mom who thought she could live black. Ask me, go ahead. I’ll tell you – it was ‘random.’ Yeah, just another ‘random act of violence.’ That’s all it was. Now go back to sleep. Karl.

I wonder if it was for sure enough random? Hmmm. Oh gosh look, the image below, it was indeed ‘random!’


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Andrea White, Michael Davani, Alwayne Bigby, ETA, Expose Them All


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  1. Live like a wigger, die like a nigger.


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