Utah woman dies horrible suffocation death at hands of El Salvadorian jungle tribesmen (categorized as ‘white male’ on FBI crimes stats)

59-yo White woman, Margaret Steffey, suffers horrible death due to the American government’s inaction in stopping criminal aliens from entering into the US. Not only keeping them from entering, but, seeing how this one was hundreds upon hundreds of miles from the border, locating and stopping them once they do enter. And to make matters worse, they are allowing them to freely roam the country like elite tourists as they seek out suitably victims to feast off of. And just think, our government turncoats are actually debating whether to make them full fledged American citizens!

White victim of treasonous politicians and the jewish multiculturalists and diversity perpetrators that drives them like frightened cattle – shown below 59 year old Margaret Steffey – what a lowdown, dirty shame!

Bryan Steve Quintanilla – where’d he get a name like? Sweet little ‘Bryan Steve’ displayed below. I’m guessing it would be ‘raacist’ or ‘anti-immigrant’ if I’d confess how I’d like to slap this lowlife to the ground and then place my foot on its throat as the useless life was removed from it – huh?


And of course he’s a ‘White male’ – I mean you didn’t actually think the anti-white US government and the Marxists would have it any other way – did you? Yes, on Justice Department AKA FBI Crime Statistics – the invader above will be recorded as a ‘White male.’ Thus inflating White crime stats while deflating the brown ones. That’s how it works. This, so the libs and Marxists can ‘prove’ that Whites are just as criminal as blacks. So next time you hear them on MSNBC, FoxNews, ABC, NBC, CBS (etc.) talking about how Whites are just as criminal as the blacks and browns – do like millions of others have done and turn the BS off huh? It’s time to tune OUT the lies!



Margaret Steffey, Bryan Steve Quintanilla, White murder, expose them all, ETA



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