Indian chief enters into home and attempts to rape healthy and tattooed pale face woman while she babysat her grandbaby

Destinee Akers, Davidson Hosteen, Indian Chief, Rape, Sex Offender, ETA, Expose Them All



  1. Bart Smart

    No way. This woman is a dope hoe. She sells her meds and prostitutes herself at the Belton Inn for meth. I believe this man tried to “rape” her as much as I believe in the tooth fairy.


    • Damn, the chief is a bigger idiot than I first thought. He could have gotten it cheap yet he barged in that White woman’s house and tried to rape her! With her grandbaby in the house even! Why didn’t you tell him he could have gotten it for a chant – and w/o doing 2-20 in the state’s facilities? Some pal you are!

      And BTW, why TF did he go off the reservation? He could have stayed and gotten himself some action for only a couple swigs on his wine bottle or a couple puffs on the piece… oops ‘peace’ pipe. As nothing’s cheaper than an Indian squaw. Well, maybe an Eskimo broad. But still, the White stuff is worth a trip up the river? Guess so. Don’t sound too cheap to me man!!!


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