Disgusting born-killer blacks slaughter 22-yo White woman, burns the body behind ghetto house — when killing whitey just isn’t enough…

Disgusting born-killer blacks slaughter 22-yo White woman, burns the body behind ghetto house — when killing whitey just isn’t enough…

As to be expected and as desired, the police are being mum during the initial investigation process. Releasing too many facts or the ‘wrong’ type of facts during the investigation and prior to the forensics results is not a good idea. And to do so could ruin the entire investigation and case when it goes to court. They want the killer to reveal exactly what he knows. And only details that the killer would know. So later on, the lawyer(s) can’t claim any evidence or details were reported previously, and known by all and thus their killer really didn’t confess. He was simply repeating known items concerning the case.

And I implied; “the killer will reveal all he knows.“ As if that will really happen. Because as Mark Fuhrman had stated; “anything out of a n*gger’s mouth for the first five or six sentences is a f*cking lie.” – Thus, the detectives working this case, the case of the murdered and burned White girl, will surely have to deal with hundreds of lies before they ever get to one truth. But, in the legal field, a known lie is just as good as a known or suspected truth. As a known lie can be incidental to the case. And numerous lies, in attempt to conceal known or suspected facts, can be turned into circumstantial evidence. As years ago, ‘proven beyond a reasonable doubt’ went out the window. As cases with various or numerous ‘circumstantial evidence’ can be and often is used to convict. It happens everyday in courtrooms all across America. And the penitentiaries are filled with people who were convicted of less than a ‘smoking gun.’ And while I don’t like it, I understand the motivations. The prosecutors, while never admitting it, think a lot like Mark Fuhrman. And they have to run with what they‘ve got. Which in many situations… is nothing but a bunch of f*cking n*gger lies.

The few details that were released, mainly from what the mother has reported, in that she dropped her daughter off to some type of appointment. And a friend of the daughter’s was suppose to pick her up from that appointment. But when the friend went to pick the daughter up, she was no where to be found. Which is suggesting the black killers abducted her. And of course they held her for awhile as they raped and beat her. Most likely even calling a few homies over to rape the White girl as well. These black sub-animals, they like to show their trophy’s off so as to rise a notch or two on the negro-ghetto scale. Plus, it’s not considered ‘rape’ if you share, rape is only if you‘re selfish and you don‘t share. And of course after they were done with their White trophy and slave, they had to kill her. Simply letting her go free, in many cases, is just not an option to blacks concerning White victims. Now, the geniuses had a body on their hands. A body with their DNA all over it. So what’s a nicca ta do? They’ve got to fool the White detectives who they know will be working the case. So they attempt to douse it with gasoline and set it on fire. And like I said… when killing whitey just isn’t enough…





Burning Body Found Behind This Ghetto Structure





Folks, listen, I’m not the smartest man in the world, I mean I knew when they threw my ass outta grade school that I probably wouldn’t be going to college. I knew, matter of fact, ‘I was thinking it’ as we walked, when the principal and assistant principal escorted me out the door for the very last time, Harvard or Princeton was most likely not in my future. The only visions I saw as we walked and I was being lectured was of the Missouri State Penitentiary. I was thinking, man, that’s the next stop for me. But luckily, not only was I too lazy to work, I was too scared to steal. So I never made it that far (whew). Thus not being a college graduate or anything, I need to ask one of you ole smart mofos a question, is there anything lower than the savage negro beast!? I mean seriously, what’s below subhuman? Matter of fact, let’s cut through all the jew-jive and PC BS, what’s below sub-animal? Because whatever that is, that’s what a dark, ugly, slimy skinned negro is!

Megan Monroe, Kenneth Childers, Abuse of a Corpse, black on White, Murder, ETA, Expose Them All


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