Diversity doper dyke duo teams up to rob an old cracker


Interracial Crime Teams – Consistently Choose White Victims

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Interracial Crime Team/Duo


Diversity doper dyke duo teams up to rob an old cracker

One thing about these multiracial criminal enterprises, specifically when it’s some goofy negro and low IQ white, the victims chosen, will predominately be white. And I’d go as high as 90% White victims. Yeah, I’d say out of 100 of these type cases you learn about, upwards of 90% of the time, the victims will be White. But hey, perhaps it varies with every 100 or so cases huh? Maybe in that last 100 cases this time, it was only 89% White victims? With the 100 cases before that, 91% White victims? Huh? I mean whatever the case, when these interracial dopers and criminal duos hook up, and you’re White, you’d best be ready to defend yourself. Why? Because blacks have racial pride and will most likely not victimize their black brothers and sisters with other Whites. Or, to allow the White(s) in the interracial team to victimize their black brethren. While the white side of the duo is lacking in racial pride. And if they did have any racial pride at all, they wouldn’t be teaming up with blacks to rob anybody. Furthermore, the white member(s) (in most cases) couldn’t and wouldn’t seek out a black victim, because it would be ’raaacist’ if they did. And believe me, that’s the last thing they want, is to be ‘raaacist.‘ And they’ll prove it choosing and allowing their black partner(s) in crime to chose White victims. And I’m maintaining they’ll do that, about 90% of the time.

And I’ll tell you another thing, I wouldn’t trust any of them. But the worst and most dangerous multiracial diversity duos are the White female with a black buck in tow. One of those doped up White bitches that mommy and daddy bought her a car. And she used that car to go slutting and doping in nigga-town – to find herself a coal-black buck. One of those sweet mofos sportin dreads and gold toofs. And now, she’s using that car to tour her white neighborhood and area with her buck – so as to find some unsuspecting and sympathetic White to play and prey upon. And as the black creature slouches in the passenger seat, the white tramp drives around, looking for that perfect White victim. And when she spots one, an old Mr. & Mrs. Wilson, a widowed Mrs. Smith or a Mr. Williams – who’s wife died last year or whomever. Whomever it is that lives in that nice little house that sets just off the road and — is White. And they will get a knock on the door. Where some sweet, frail and innocent looking lil thing, who’s in trouble – will be standing there with head bowed low. Can I come in and use your ~sniffles~ phone? You see, my car broke down and I’m scared, boo hoo. I just want to call my daddy, who lives a bit down the road. And ohhhh that whiney, weepy, melancholy voice..  explaining to you… ohh, my car, it it it… it just stopped run..ning, and I was all alone, and scared, can I please use your phone to call daddy? And before you know it, some GD gorilla looking thing is threatening you, your spouse and your dead mother. Yeah, it was all just a ruse, a doped up, n*ggered up, ghetto ruse. A ruse that any ghetto negro could detect a mile away. Yet one in which White folks know nothing about. A very cleaver yet sadistic trick that could very well end yours and everyone else who just happened to be in the house – grandbabies – lives. And of course Mr. and Mrs. Wilson never suspected a thing. At least not until it was too late.

Nah man, that’s the worst type interracial duo. Because both the white slut and her black buck knows well that anyone who sees them running together will not trust them nor want anything to do with them. I mean even a preacher would gun em down at his door at first sighting. So they both know they have to keep the buck out of sight and let the bitch open the door. And that’s what makes them so dangerous – because they’re so cunning, conniving and sneaky. People want to help a White girl in trouble, especially one who would appear at their door so pathetic looking and in what could be a potentially dangerous situation. Even a 2-yo running to the door would understand and want to help. But unfortunately, in this day and age, the age of the interracial diversity crime duo, Whites must be on their guards. Because yeah, they will pick out White victims – at least 90% of the time.

The typical negro – running with the lowest white of all – one who lacks racial pride…



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