Family site of Steve Utash – the White man beaten by black ghetto thugs after he hit one with his truck as they were playing ‘chicken’ with the traffic

My dad is the driver that accidentally hit a boy with his truck, as he got out to see if the child was okay he was jumped by at least 11 people. He was rushed to the hospital barely surviving. He has been in a medically induced coma for almost a week and may suffer long term damage to his brain. My dad has no insurance and is still hospitalized. Please help our family raise money to pay his medical expenses. Your monetary help is greatly appreciated and  your prayers more so.

Actually, it wasn’t an ‘accident,’ at least not as claimed. The young negro thugs were playing ‘chicken’ with the passing vehicles when one of the thugs got too close and was clipped.  And when the man stopped to see if the negro was OK, he was attacked by an entire herd of the furry things. I’m sure the family knows this but so as not to seem ‘raaacist’ they are sticking with the media version – that the man ‘accidentally’ hit a young ‘boy.’ For background info click here (Steve Utash Beaten). Also: First look at Steve Utash since beating in Detroit


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