Illegal (and legal) Aliens and the Decline of America . . .

The following is a repost I wrote and posted in 2009.
(Links have not been verified and may have expired or no longer exist.)


*Illegal alien slaughters wife at some sort of Aztec(1) gathering while over 300 mongrel Aztecs, including three of his five offspring(2), witnesses the event. This barbarism should have taken place on Mexican soil, but it did not. It took place on American soil. Why? Because the USA and its immigration policies are under tight control of jews(3), the jews who seek to destroy America and its White inhabitants. This is one major reason why the US is in a state of regression and decline and the reason why it’s taking place on OUR soil. Few Whites, including myself, give a damn about what these barbaric mongrels do or don’t do, we could care less about their rights, their culture or their desire for a better life. We don’t give a DAMN about any of it! BUT, I do, and we should, care that we are forced to allow them to bring their filth and depravity into OUR nation!

Mexico is a land with much beauty and wealth(4), but because of its peoples, Mexico is a mongrelized third world cesspool. A peoples makes a nation, Mexico, like America, is not a nationality, it’s a land mass, and most of the peoples incorporating that Mexican land mass are mongrelized brown mud-creatures of every shade. They are to Mexico what blacks are to America – and the same as I detest what blacks have done to most of our major cities, I detest the fact that these brown mongrels, courtesy of the jew, are doing the exact same thing by extending Mexico into the US.

The US Government (and god knows they tried) couldn’t bring the negro-beast up to the level of the White man, and had to *iggerize, bastardize, trivialize and criticize White standards, ingenuity and principles in order to force the beast onto White society. Not even to mention, pervert laws while at the same time make new ones, just to shove the black beasts onto Whites and into their schools, workplaces and neighborhoods. The social engineers didn’t tell us we needed blacks, what they did was to instill sympathy into us about how much the poor, poor blacks needed us. And how evil we were, how bigoted and selfish we were, if we denied blacks access to our safe schools and neighborhoods. With the Aztec warriors, we were told how much we needed them concerning the jobs they do, that we won’t do. Whatever jobs those are. Now, after many decades of propaganda and brainwashing, we have learned it really wasn’t about uplifting blacks, nor was it about the jobs we wouldn’t do. It was all about being enriched by diversity. Yes, diversity! A slow mongrelization and racial suicide, the one item that no nation, no matter how rich or how powerful can recoup from(5). As the wonders of diversity began to rear its head, as Whites began to get beaten, raped, robbed and murdered in the streets and our once safe neighborhoods became unsafe, we were taught about tolerance, acceptance and of how this new way of life, this diversity, this new god, is the god in which we all must live by and worship. Where the black man had failed, when he alone couldn’t destroy such a strong nation as America and fast enough, millions upon millions of non-whites could. Millions upon millions of “diversified” non-whites that is. People of every shade, tongue, culture, and religion under the sun.

Generation after generation of Italian, French, Polish, German and Irish immigration didn’t and couldn’t damage this country, and in fact, only made it a better nation. Those fine White people, those fine, fine White people, while minor cultural clashes did occur occasionally, they did do their best to get along. And even while coming from much different backgrounds, they worked together, learned the same language together, forged a beautiful culture together – AND, they made the USA what it once was! A first class, top notch, number one nation! The racial architects and social engineers of diversity and multiculturalism, the jews, despised this as much as they despised us. They sought nothing and I mean NOTHING less than to destroy this nation. They slowly and successfully legislated and had passed immigration laws as well as the numbers allowed to enter changed, and now, even though we do have immigration laws, those laws are irrelevant and meaningless, as the numbers allowed to enter are unlimited. To force the majority White inhabitants to accept this, they fabricated, concocted and then utilized a bunch of imaginary cliché’s about how we’re all equal and we’re all the same, one race, the human race, the color of the rainbow and all that other jew-jive, 100% pure nonsense. No, the black-beasts couldn’t destroy us fast enough. But the Aztec’s and the millions of other mud-men could. And by promoting and making these non-whites a protected class over and above Whites, and by shear numbers, by allowing millions upon millions of non-whites to immigrate to levels in which they would soon outnumber, outbreed and overtake the White inhabitants, the anti-white, anti-Christian, racist, supremacist jew can yet achieve his goal! The total and complete destruction of America and the White race!

Can’t you see it? Can’t you see and realize the propaganda and the lies we‘ve lived under all these years? Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Fascism – whatever ideology you want to call it, it’s jew nihilism and it’s about destroying the White race and America. All the anti-white laws, true and real discriminations and racist laws aimed at Whites – affirmative action, hiring quota’s, non-white preferential treatment in school admissions, hate crime laws, NAFTA-Gaff, removal of White-Christian symbols (even Christ-mas trees) from about public buildings, and the list goes on and on and on. Countless hours of jew-TV promoting anti-White and anti-Christian propaganda, propaganda aimed solely at Whites. Entire jew-owned TV programs used for nothing but supporting, advancing and encouraging White boys to become homosexual deviants and White girls to become miscenagation freaks and outcasts. Yes, that‘s why they promote faggoty body piercing for every body part and orifice your boy has and yes, that’s why they show your daughter dangling off some rapping ghetto-thug’s nugget sack as he yelps about killing cops and raping ho‘s. Countless hours, entire jew-programming, injecting unlimited filth, depravity, decadence and degeneracy of all types – aimed directly at the White race! And all of it to demonstrate to Whites what is normal and what is acceptable behavior. All designed to make the weak sick and the sick weaker! To a jew, a White mind is a perfect thing to corrupt and to waste!

Mexicans and third world South Americans

Lowdown, lowlife, repulsive, ugly, hideous Aztec warriors and breeders. Nothing but squat mongrels, who defecate in mall flower pots, in lettuce fields and the longer they remain on American soil, they will one day defecate on your grave!

The racist anti-gringo group LaRaza (multi-race peoples), claims they are re-conquering what is rightfully theirs, lands in the Southwestern United States (Reconquista Americana). And it’s obvious the United States Government supports their claim as it is allowing them to re-conquer it, they sure haven’t stopped or slowed the invasion in any way whatsoever. Texas, as well as California, went minority White in 2001/2000 respectively, with the state of New Mexico already a literal “New Mexico.” The states of Mississippi, Arizona, Maryland, Georgia and New York at over 40% “minority” are not far behind. Nevada, had its White population drop from 80 to 60% in only a ten-year period between 1990 to 2000. While also during the 1990’s, every American State watched as its White population rapidly diminish because of the inflow of non-whites. Plus, lowered birthrates became a contributing factor as Whites sought to avoid adding more victims into the proverbial melting pot. The entire USA, under jewish-supremacist rule and direction, is projected to go minority White by 2060, if not before. Yes, where the blacks had failed, the browns have succeeded. Good job Mexicans and South Americans, good job US government and damn good job jews!

Reconquista Americana

What in the hell does that have to do with the rest of the United States? OK, re-conquer the SW, take the mofo back, return it to Aztlan, we won the first war and with our government’s backing, you won the second. We can’t stop you as we’re not even trying. But if Reconquista Americana and returning Aztan is the goal, what are the Aztec warriors and breeders doing in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and in all other states of the union and, why are they in Tennessee, where this barbarism took place? It’s obvious, it’s not really about re-conquering areas supposedly lost, it’s about how our jew run back-stabbing, lying, conniving, treasonous, traitorous government is trying to destroy our nation. Again, a nation is a peoples and in the USA those peoples were White. Not all of them, but, not too long ago, the United States of America was considered a White nation. I know it was over 90% White as late as the 1970’s. Plus, its founding fathers were White, its constitution based upon White values and White religious law. So yes, it WAS a White nation!

(1) While in this essay I will consider them as “Aztecs,” but only because that’s who they consider themselves to be. In reality, the Aztec people, while barbarians, lived in an advanced society and under law. With death being punishment for most crimes. These modern day third world criminally insane Mexicanos and Mexicanas wouldn’t equate to a pimple on the cheek of any one ancient Aztec. Matter of fact, most of them wouldn’t have lived long enough to grow a decent sized pimple without being executed for one crime or another. Furthermore, the dimly lit Mexican’s of today, erroneously believe the ancient Aztec peoples inhabited much of the SW US. When in fact, the initial Aztlan empire was located in and around islands off Northwestern Mexico. With that empire slowly advancing even deeper into the heart of Mexican territory while eventually encompassing much of present day Mexico – with it’s center and main leadership in what is now Mexico City. And if it wasn’t for the Spanish Conquest, it would have overtaken and controlled all of present day Mexico. The downfall of the Aztec’s were most probably because they were a polytheistic peoples, with at least one of their many deities of fair skin and with light hair and eyes. Preceding the destruction of Aztlan, the Aztec‘s welcomed the European Spaniards of similar traits with open arms. Unfortunately for them, the Spaniards had dirt in their eyes, the conquest of the Aztecs. And those events, whether positive or negative, are completely inconsequential in today’s America.

No matter how it’s sliced, “Reconquista Americana” is either a farce or the Mexicans are simply that stupid. Probably a little bit of both. Really, and to their credit, the only smart thing I‘ve ever seen Mexicans and South Americans do, is to flee the hellhole they’ve created in their homelands while slithering across the border into America – the land of free food-stamps and money. This time around though, it’s the jews with open arms.

(2) Two beaners replaced by five beaners – well above replacement levels. Contrast that to worldwide fertility, or birthrates, of 1.2 White children per each White woman. A birthrate in the negative, a peoples in decline. In order just for each White woman to replace herself and her husband, she would need to produce a minimum of **2.1 children. Again, at 1.2 children, we are slowly dying. This is primarily caused by direct actions undertaken by the US Government via forced taxation. Taxing one group to pay for another has been detrimental. The more children one group has, the more of a burden it becomes, whereas the more children another group has, the more of a benefit to them. And because of this, along with an ever increasingly dangerous country in which to live and raise a family, Whites have stopped having children. At least enough to surpass or even equal replacement levels. Birth control for Whites, funny how that works. —— But honey, we can’t afford any more children. —- Muh check go up two hunna fiddy dolla when lil Tyrone VI be born – plus, aye gets out dis HUD apartment and gets muh own foe bedroom HUD crib an some moe foo-stamps too. Aye iz so excited, ah sho thanks de lawd fo dat, ah huh . . . I‘m sorry dear, we simply cannot afford a little sister for Johnny Jr.

**2.33 – is needed to replace both parents as well as to compensate for deaths. Again, Whites are at 1.2.


(4) Despite the backwardness of a majority of her peoples, Mexico is a land complete with much wealth and natural resources. Contrary to the jew claims that “we’re all equal and we’re all the same,” Mexico, even with all its wealth, beauty and natural resources, because of her mongrelized peoples, is still considered a third rate nation. A peoples makes the nation – the people who have destroyed sub-Saharan Africa as well as Mexico and South America, are the same peoples the jew wants to inundate America with. Gee, wonder why?

Mexico, among the top ten in mineral and oil production

Mexico is Rich

Mexico, except for its peoples . . a beautiful land.

(5) Senator Bilbo‘s warning, 1947 (emphasis mine)

“If our buildings, our highways, and our railroads should be wrecked, we could rebuild them. If our cities should be destroyed, out of the very ruins we could erect newer and greater ones. Even if our armed might should be crushed, we could rear sons who would redeem our power. But if the blood of our White race should become corrupted and mingled with the blood of [Mexico or] Africa, then the present greatness of the United States of America would be destroyed and all hope for civilization would be as impossible for a [Aztec] Negroid America as would be redemption and restoration of the Whiteman’s blood which had been mixed with that of the [Aztec] Negro.” (Senator Theodore G. Bilbo, of Mississippi in 1947)

“Americans have not had a presidential choice since 1932.”

“Roosevelt was our man. Every president since Roosevelt has been our man.”

“It is a marvel that the American people do not rise up and drive every JEW out of this country.”

“We Jews are amazed with the ease by which Christian Americans have fallen into our hands.”

“Jews do not like to admit it, but OUR GOD IS LUCIFER and we are his chosen people.”

The reports (below) that inspired me to write this rant; Two illegal aliens, residing jew-safe in America while raising a brood of five. The male illegal shoots/kills the female illegal, leaving five illegal offspring, with at least three of them becoming sole wards of the state. The American state. No matter how much I try, I fail to find sympathy or so much as empathy and only grow angrier the more of these cases I learn of . . .

*Morristown, Atzlan, errr, Morristown, Tennessee:

Authorities: Mother’s Day Aztec warrior suspect may flee to Mexico

Hamblen Co. breeder killed Mother’s Day morning
(Image of the breeder here)

The bad news and the worst news, the Aztec warrior didn’t make it to Mexico, he was going the wrong way and was captured in NC – another ward of the state. The only question is for how long? Five years, ten years, the rest of his life? Even if he was sentenced to a year in a cell watching Azteca América, can America really afford this?

Mother’s Day slaying suspect caught in NC




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