After 2-½ years popo finally arrests negro meat-man in murder of his preggy White ho – negro attended victim vigil day after he killed her

Yet another White woman murdered by a satanic mixed with primitive-primate descendant. And if any White women thinks her new black toy is really serious about raising a family with her, rethink, in reality the creature is playing you like a two-bit slut. And is shocked that you actually allow his ugly ass in bewixted those thigh bones. Yeah, White women, once you spread, you may very well end up dead. Because nothing kills like a savage negro beast, especially one turned meat-man. Once you let it near that woo woo – it’s like ’til death do him and it apart.’  The number one killer of African-American women ages 15 to 34 is homicide at the hands of a current or former intimate partner. (And it doesn’t appear White women fair much better).

N*ggers, they are NOT toys to be played with and
admired, they are fully loaded pistols ready to kill.


Left, at her vigil the day after he killed her.
Right, arrested for the sadistic murder.




Flashback to another infamous negro on white BCL slaughter . . . .

White woman goes missing . . .

Concerned White citizens come from near and far to find her or at least her body.

One face was noticeable missing, her negro husband’s.
He was too busy sulking, I sho hopes she beez alrite.

The negro didn’t know what happened to his sweet lil wifey.
But I love and miss her he claimed over and over. She bore
my son and was pregnant with my other child, I sure hope
they find her and she’s alright, wah wah wah wahhhhhhhhh.

When the charade was over, the negro was arrested . . . .

Here’s what went down . . .

The negro hubby slaughtered his White wife after she tired of his African style torture games of pure negro abuse. When she had, had enough of being slapped around and beaten to the ground, she was forced to flee from him. When she did, she was preggy with another of his Satan-seed offspring. When he killed her, he killed it. He didn’t want to pay for another mongrel offspring, so by killing her, he got two-for-one. After the slaughter, he enlisted the assistance of the dark and obese sow below to assist in the body drop.

The negro was a cop or state trooper or some crap, and he easily seduced another dilly White slut who believed the jew-lies of negroes are just like her and they should be sought after and desired like fine chocolate treats. Since his negro charms were not enough, and he needed money to keep such a desirable White ho, he had to kill his first wife and unborn child. The new ho, pictured bottom left, is lucky the negro met the one he killed prior to meeting her. Of course if he had met her first, she’d been the one left to rot in a field. And BTW, while they were searching for his White wife’s body, and while he was playing with the slut in the image below, bottom left, he was also playing super-n*gger on a dating site – trying to find even more White women to seduce and maybe even impregnate and murder.

Black murders White wife, Jessie Davis, Bobby Cutts, New girlfriend, Myisha ferrell, Expose Them All

Like most negroes, they cry only when it’s them that suffers,
when it’s them that feels pain, when it’s their future being snuffed
out like a cheap cigar. Negro below after being convicted.

What about the first negro offspring? Of course it’s the White side who will raise the creature, it always is. You didn’t see any negroes looking for the missing White woman’s body did you? Well, you sure as hell won’t see them toting that ½ breed kid around. Negroes don’t believe in that jew-jive BS, they have racial pride.

By the way, the jewish dominated media attempted to correlate this crime with that of Scott Peterson. The man in California who was convicted on no real evidence. He was convicted in the courtroom via the media under the pretence of; If he didn‘t do it, who did?

I’ve always thought this case had more in common with OJ (the knife) Simpson verses the Peterson case. Negro buck – White tramp – White slut – Killer negro. ????

Brittany Eldridge, Norman Clark, black on White Murder, black Kills His Pregnant White Ho, ETA, Expose Them All

Jessie Davis, Bobby Lee Cutts Jr., black Murders White Wife, black on White Murder, ETA, Expose Them All



  1. Anonymous

    This article has got to be the most ignorant form of free speech I have ever read! Please go back to school and educate yourself before trying to summarize a case you know nothing about.


  2. yeahright

    U can’t help stupid and u r stupid. God have mercy on your soul.


  3. Moonman moonman can’t you see? Spics and niggers need to hang from trees.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Anonymous

      WOW you are a racist asshole all black people are not like that and niether are all black cops. This isnt the 50s or 60s anymore. I hope you use the N word in front of the wrong person and get the crap beaten out of you. BTW fo you realize that white people are the ones shooting up School are the ones who commit more serial killings than black people. Blue eyed devils is an understatment.


  4. What a mistake to give a nigga a badge. He beez lookn’ for someone to “light his fire”????? He’ll find one in prison!! I’ll be on Twitter’s #white lives matter


  5. truth that sets you free

    You suck that’s my comment you racist ass pig


    • Anton Chigurh

      you say “racist” like it’s a bad thing. I love my race. I love the fact that a coal burner is dead along with her sprog. RAHOWA is coming. . . . . .I can feel it in the air.


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