Obese negro predator accosts/attacks two young White women college students – mad they only had $5 cash on them he stabs both!

Obese negro predator accosts/attacks two young White women college students – mad they only had $5 cash on them he stabs one in the back and severs the artery in the arm of the other. This is what America has regressed into, this is what all that jew ‘diversity’ and ‘multicultural’ BS has done, this is what all those jew special rights and so-called ‘civil rights’ for negroes has done – now we should see and understand not only what thy jew hath done, BUT, how much the satanic jew hates and despises your White ass AND why the jew had done it! The jew fought tooth and nail to set the negro beast free and after the lowlife N*GGER animal was set completely free — > that STILL wasn‘t good enough for the jew! The jew had to fight again and again and again to pass law after law to where the N*GGER sat right next to your sons and daughters at school, worked side by side with your daddies at work, shopped the same stores as your mama! And the worst thing the anti-white, anti-Christian jew done, was to force you to live in and walk in the same areas and streets as the mixed with primitive-primate satanic N*GGER beast! All this, AFTER the sub-animal was set free! After it had its ‘civil rights!’ And why did the jew go so far? Because he wanted his negro tool and warrior to stab you in the back and cut the arteries that supply your life’s blood! The jew wanted and wants you to die whitey! After-all, that’s what it was and is all about. That’s what all this jew ‘diversity, multiculturalism and civil rights’ anti-white BS is all about – making Whites feel guilty, ashamed and inferior as they were beaten down to second class status and are being replaced by non-whites and by whatever means necessary! The jew doesn’t give a sh*t if Whites are ‘genocided’ out of existence through breeding or bleeding – they just want Whites GONE!

Now to some reading what is written above – it just doesn’t make sense. Maybe browse through the links here and here – and notice, there are some jew propaganda sites included within this search. That’s OK, read them, and then read the truth – it’s in there – look for them. And I’ll admit, it’s much harder to ‘unindoctrinate’ a person than it is or was to indoctrinate them. But if you have any sense at all, you’ll be able to differentiate between jew-BS and simple truth. And if you can’t, don’t worry about it, you’re too stupid to worry about anything.


Two young White women college students accosted in the streets and robbed. Both stabbed by a jew enabled negro beast. One girl sustaining life threatening injuries after the savage slices through a main artery in her arm. And if it not for the heroic actions of one of the victims, who was also suffering a knife wound to the back, the young college student would have bled to death right there on the street. But the brave heroine ripped off her shirt and tightly wrapped it around the wound of her friend. Thus successfully stopping the bleeding – at least until White medical personnel arrived on scene to rush her to the hospital. These actions undoubtedly saved a life. Amazing the differences between a complex and selfless human being and a selfish simpleton beast. One saved a life while the other attempted to take two. And that’s not to say Whites don’t commit murder, some do. But I’m not talking about depraved, violent and n*gger-like Whites, I’m talking about two innocent young White women accosted, robbed and stabbed on the streets by a soulless, remorseless, evil and 100% n*gger savage! You want to hear about anything else, you’re at the wrong site. Tune in to jew-TV and watch where greedy Whites kill spouses to collect insurance money to buy those foreign made jewish trinkets of little to no worth – those little ‘pretties’ which neither contains nor possesses any true value or real meaning in the lives of most decent Whites. Few really care about those cheap and useless items the jew imports anyway, and if they had any sense at all – they’d stop buying them and would care more about their daughters being attacked in the streets than anything the jew has to offer!! So if you want to hear about n*gger-like Whites doing n*gger-like things – yeah they do em, the n*gger has taught them well – BUT – you’re at the wrong site for that!

—- >

Vile and disgusting negro savage attacks two young White women on the street! And tries to murder them both!

Negro hyena on the prowl, searching and sniffing within its territory – looking for any sustenance on the ghetto jungle floor, or even any weak and innocent beings it can overcome, when it sniffs out two lone and frail White women. The creature turns around and makes it move – gibs me yo bananas yo bitches the creature yells out!'” But we have no bananas Mr. Hyena.  Well den, I’se gone ta cut yo azzes up!








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