Three White girls try their hands at boosting – find out ole whitey done invented a bunch of security devices and techniques to keep negroes from cleaning the stores out

Three White girls try their hands at boosting – find out ole whitey done invented a bunch of security devices and techniques to keep negroes from cleaning the stores out

I love it when young White folks, at least those lacking in ambition, a goal, or who have nary a plan for their lives and futures, get caught in some petty BS crime. Especially the ones who love or who are naive towards negroes – because most of them really know nothing about the nasty things except what they’ve seen on jew-TV. And it’s very important to be at least somewhat familiar with the negro beast – it could be the difference between a F’d up life or a decent one. It could be the difference between life and death. Hopefully these girls will spend a day or two with a few greasy, slimy, ugly and depraved dark beasts in a jail cell or tank and see what life’s really about. And after a few days of living with n*gger music, n*gger-TV, n*gger funk, n*gger violence and all around n*gger degeneracy — and with the lowest creature the world over – n*ggers – the n*ggers who live and breath F’n whitey over anyway they can, these girls should have a totally new outlook on life. And it’s not about stealing overpriced jew trinkets of little worth, snatching up shiny negro bling or dragging out of the store without paying the latest of foreign-made White technologies imported by the jew. I want these girls to learn what it’s really all about – education, employment and making yourself a better person. And one way of accomplishing that is by obtaining and securing a positive goal that will afford them the luxury to buy the items they need and of course… without stealing it – like a GD negro would. I want them to see and understand that there’s a ‘n*gger way to live, act and behave, and then there’s the right way, the White way. They need to get a degree or education in something that will allow them to use and can carry with them to anywhere in the country. Like anywhere to where they’d be far removed from the savage negro beast – anything that could make them self-employed at some point in their lives would be a bonus. But at least something that would allow them to be independent and free from most anything. Plus, I’ve seen too many White women who’ve hooked up with lowlife men and then are stuck with them, because they didn’t plan for themselves nor did they obtain a quality and suitable education – and after finally being forced to leave the lazy bum – the only job they could get – at 30 or so years of age – was a clerk at a convenience store – nothing more than targets for the vile and violent negro sub-animal. It’s no longer a matter of; ‘when I grow up I’ll meet a rich man’ – because that’s unlikely to happen – people seem to run with those like themselves, and if you’re a no good, pill popping, thieving and useless POS – you’ll find many of those types before you ever meet your first ‘rich man.‘ First improve yourself, and then find someone who’s just like you. But no, see how the n*gger lives sisters, see how their tiny minds operate, see the hate, animosity and backwardness of the soulless negro – understand the total incompetence and complete ineptitude of the black savage and then think… do I really want to be like this? Of course not, think independence – think; I may have to relocate some day – think; what if I get stuck with some lazy, no good White c*cksucker who’s the equivalent of a useless n*gger. Think independent, think about your future, and your baby’s future, don’t think about that worthless jew-BS at the stores. And hey, wherever you get your degree, that’s the perfect place to find a mate – one who has a plan, a goal and some drive and ambition. And listen… you won’t find any of that while laid-up in a jail or prison cell with a herd of disgusting and repulsive n*ggers! But hey, if you’re kinda stoopid, a lil dense – or you just like completely and like totally like don‘t know WTF to do? And you must learn what NOT to do before you learn WHAT to do? A n*gger infested jail is the best damn place to learn! Good luck girls…

I can’t even take my jew-hatin‘, n*gger killin’ German Shepherd’s, named Hank and Hitler out for a walk w/o being accosted by some robber baron n*gger – and the jew-media is going to report on how three young White girls boosted some chit at a Wal-Mart! — OK, Hank? Hitler? get that n*gger’s face off your teeth, I’ve already told you two, after the n*gger’s dead, it’s just plain nasty to continue chewing…


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