Interracial crime duo slaughter 17-yo White kid

Interracial crime duo slaughters 17-yo White kid

Why are the victims of these interracial crimes predominantly White? I’m not a five star general on Stormfront or anything, but I did try to answer that question here.

(And no, I don’t have anything against SF – but I will say, about the only one I even like in there is Don Black himself.)

Victim below, in a society completely ass backwards, the 17-yo kid wouldn’t know a White hero if one slapped his backwards cap off his head. To him, there are no White heroes. He was a wannabe negro ‘gangsta’ – and that’s all he knew. What a shame

The white half of the interracial crime duo, and another wannabe, only he really wanted to be, and guess what, he was. A 100% certified negro ‘gangsta.’ He hooked up with a negro to kill a member of his own race. Now he’ll be locked down and live with his black homies for a long, long time. No racial pride at all. Matter of fact, forget the racial aspect, this cat had NO pride in himself at all!

Tyler Zanco, Taylor Poulin, Domingo Mendes, Interracial Crime Duo, Killin Whitey, black On White, ETA, Expose Them All


One comment

  1. Smartguy

    So because they behave ignorantly they want to be “negros” youre a moron.


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