Black US College Debate “Winners” Symbolize Third World Destruction of America

 Any objective observer who might have been in doubt about the ongoing Third World destruction of European standards in America would have had their illusions completely shattered by the results of the 2014 Cross Examination Debate Association’s national championship, held at Indiana University.

 The “winners” of this debating competition—supposedly held to highlight academic excellence at American colleges, was “won” by two screaming, nonsensical, black females, who “beat” a rap-speaking black male entry whose arguments consisted of saying that white people oppressed “niggers” (in those words).

None of the two “teams” appeared to engage in any debate at all, as can be seen from the “highlights” of the debate in the video below.

According to its official website, the Cross Examination Debate Association is the “primary national association promoting policy topic intercollegiate academic debate.”

“One of CEDA’s most important functions is to serve as a professional association for scholars and teachers in the field of applied argumentation and debate.”

Paul Mabrey, breathless liberal who defended the "debate" in an official CEDA statement.

Incredibly, the president of CEDA, Paul Mabrey, a lecturer in School of Communication Studies at James Madison University, issued a statement defending the screaming “winning” team, who he named as Korey Johnson and Ameena Ruffin from Towson University, who “beat” the team of Rashid Campbell and George Lee Jr. from the University of Oklahoma.

Typically for a liberal, Mabrey proceeded to blame white people for the obvious collapse in educational standards in the ‘debate’, saying that “Korey and Ameena made history as the first team of two African-American women to win a college policy debate national championship” but that “instead of spending the month since the CEDA national debate tournament celebrating their victory and reflecting on their historic moment, they have been on the defensive. Stories have emerged attacking the champions from Towson and finalists from Oklahoma for their argumentative choices and style.

“These stories should not even be called stories. The stories lack research, integrity and represent the worst of our human bigotry. These attacks on Towson, Oklahoma and others in our debate community are motivated by racism and fear. These attacks are reprehensible, despicable and must not be tolerated.”

“The stories attacking the innovation, skills and intelligence of Towson and Oklahoma in that final debate round are nothing but thinly veiled racism. And in some cases, extreme cases of racial bigotry. What Towson, Oklahoma and many before them have done is raise the level of excellence required to be successful in debate.”

In other words, if the viewer thinks that the “debate” was in any way sub-standard, then that is simply down to “white racism” and has nothing to do with the fact that the Third World is busy destroying the once-great American academic institutions.


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