As Rumors of Immigration Amnesty Increase, Third World Invaders Send their Young Kids to America to Stake Their Claim

Hey mon, gringo mucho rassiss, but hims built one helluva country
us. Food, housing, medical and even give us monee all month.

Jus climb de fence mon, once you over, you in special class because you brown.


The continued and growing rumors of a complete immigration amnesty to be issued by the Obama regime in Washington DC has sparked off an invasion of America by juvenile Third Wolrders, most likely sent by their parents in an attempt to stake their claim to citizenship in that country.

The dramatic—and sudden-increase in juvenile Third Worlders—some as young as three yesrs old—suddenly “finding their way across the US’s southern border, is leapfrogging at the present time. If current trends continue, official figures predict, about 60,000 persons under the age of 18 will invade the US on foot this year, up from about 6,000 in 2011.

Unlike invader adults, the juveniles simply present themselves to the authorities, who neither know where to deport them to or how to cope with the flood.

Furthermore, the official figures predict that the invasion will increase next year to an additional 130,000. Housing and feeding this Third World flood will cost U.S. taxpayers $2 billion, up from $868 million this year.

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