70 years after the end of WW2, greedy holocausters complaining about not getting enough free shekels

Oy vey, forget about the estimated sixty million non-jews who died during the events of WW2, us jews, JEWS i’m sayin, suffered more than anyone else! We need money, lots of money, suffered, deeply, painful, agonizing, suffering! More than anyone else! And…. seventy years AFTER the war even! We still need money, errr, we are STILL suffering! Can ya send a jew just a few more billions of shekels? Ya know, to ease all this pain?


The pro-Israel, pro-Jew, pro-Zionist clowns at Fox News have decided to publish an article highlighting how Israel’s Holohoaxers are supposedly impoverished.  Apparently Holohoaxers and other Jews are saying that they are not getting enough free shekels due to the alleged trauma they suffered at the hands of the evil German National Socialists.  Despite the fact that six million Jews did not die during World War II, the German government has paid billions of Dollars in reparation payments to Jews for an event that never happened.  There is simply no physical evidence proving that millions of Jews were gassed to death in makeshift shower rooms.  These Holohoaxers are receiving money off of distortions and lies.

The Holohoaxers have actually resorted to promoting more fairy tales in order to increase the free shekels they receive.  The article cites the following lies from Holohoaxer Manya Herman.

“Anyone who couldn’t walk was shot on the spot by the soldiers,” recalled Herman, now 80 and one of a dwindling number of Holocaust survivors living in Israel.  “I was the only daughter and wasn’t so strong. Finally, I had no strength left, so I sat down.

“Mother urged, ‘You must get up or they will shoot you,’ but I replied, ‘I don’t care,’” she said, describing the watercolor paintings she creates to preserve and honor the tragic memory that has haunted her entire life.

When a Nazi soldier pointed a gun at her head, Herman recalled, her pregnant mother dove to the ground, kissed his feet and begged for him to spare her only daughter. Miraculously, he put his gun away, and Herman’s father picked her up and carried her to the first of a series of camps in Ukraine and Moldova where the family would struggle for survival.

As if her father would have waited for a solider to point a gun at her head before carrying her.  Claiming that her mother was pregnant to make the story more dramatic is hilarious.

The Holohoax industry is completely out of control.  The substantial number of Jews receiving free shekels just by claiming they were a Holohoax victim has helped perpetuate the Holohoax myth for many decades.  Auschwitz which was allegedly the site where millions of Jews were said to have died had a theater, a swimming pool and other amenities for the workers.  Other camps had similar facilities.  Why would the Germans go through all that trouble to provide entertainment and leisure for the workers if their intent was to kill them?

Not only that but it would have been impossible from a logistics standpoint to kill millions of people by gassing them in small shower rooms.  Plus where are the millions of dead bodies?  Surely someone would have found them by now.  There are many more inconsistencies surrounding the official narrative of the Holohoax but these are just a few of them.


To conclude, these Holohoaxers should receive a total of zero shekels for their lies.  Let them cry and whine about that until they are dead. Source Link.


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