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Jews in politics are generally supportive of mass immigration policies for all countries primarily consisting of White Europeans except for Israel.  This Jew politician Eric Cantor is no different.  He has been a vocal supporter of granting amnesty to children of illegal immigrants. Considering the United States is being invaded by third world populations in order to fundamentally change the character of this nation, all immigration be it legal or illegal from third world nations needs to end immediately.

The fact that Cantor thinks people will forget about his support for amnesty just because his viewpoint is removed from his official web site is a complete joke.  Anybody who votes for this Jew is really stupid.

From Breitbart:

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) has been a prominent supporter of granting amnesty to the children of illegal immigrants and awarding more high-tech visas. Yet ten days before his primary against Dave Brat, his positions on those issues are absent from his website.

In February of 2013, Cantor delivered a major “Make Life Work” speech that praised the House for passing the STEM Jobs Act and urged the Senate to do the same. Cantor also suggested pouring more taxpayer dollars into schools where there are children “learning English as a second language.”

On his “Plan for the Middle Class” section on his website, Cantor mentions nearly everything else from that speech, including his support for education for low-income children; “Common Sense Health Care Initiatives” like repealing the medical device taxes; “Innovation and Job Growth;” eliminating “taxpayer financing of presidential campaigns and the Republican and Democratic Party conventions;” and expanding funding for pediatric research, autism, cancers impacting children, and “debilitating diseases and disorders.”

But Cantor apparently does not want voters in his district to know about his support for amnesty.


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