The Jewish Problem has been with us for centuries. They’ve been expelled from over 100 territories over the last 2,000 years. And what is the reason for this? Are they scapegoated for no apparent reason? Are they just unfairly treated by the entire world because the entire world is insane and unreasonable? No. The answer is simple. They’re born nation wreckers! So why do the Jews destroy nations? Well, for one it allows them to blend into society, unseen and unknown so they can say that they’re just like the rest of us. It allows them to create division and constant infighting amongst us. It’s called divide and rule. All of our attention is focused on the invader and not the Jew who opened the doors to let him in.

Jews want a divided country filled with confused people that are at each-others throat. Where we just live in this mixed mosh society, where there’s no cohesiveness, no common connection, and no national culture. This way no one bans together to stop them! Why ban together if there’s nothing left to fight for? Most of this has been achieved through the promotion of multi-culturalism… but more specifically… multi-racialism. Multi-racialism is a proven failure. Think about it… if you’re a Gentile White American, with a family that has been here for multiple generations, has been here to celebrate nearly 100 years or more of European American Culture… what in God’s name do you have in common with the African, the Asian, the Middle Easterner, or the Indian that lives down the street from you? Nothing!!!

Racist or not… it’s the truth… we celebrate a European American Culture here… maybe not the perpetual teenagers still blasting rap music and worshiping the Jewish television… but I do! Everything we value has its roots in White Western European Culture. The Nuclear Family is White European, the Celebrations of Easter or the Month of Fertility is White European, the Celebration of Christmas or the Yuletide is White European, our style dress, our language, our mannerisms, our traditions, our cultural norms are all a product of White European Culture. Every aspect of our life today is White European.


If you still have this fairy tale idea, that we’re all going to mix and love each other and fuck each other and procreate with each other… and that it’ll all work out in the end… you really need to get your brain examined. How many more years of this do we have to endure? And you White idiots out there… when you’re finally the minority in this country, do you actually think that you’re going be treated fairly? Are you stupid enough to believe that you’ll get a fair shake and that you’ll actually enjoy living here? Within the next 10-20 years, this country will be dominated by a 3rd world population that has nothing in common with you, White man.

And here’s what you can expect going forward…

They (the Jews) will tell us that the debt problems now facing the EU and the United States will be nearly impossible to solve without a severely reduced standard of living being forced upon us all. And wages are already falling guys, and no-one’s getting a raise, no-one. We’re all given the shaft! Their solution is to bring in more poor people to make us all poor. This Country will continue to be repopulated by Mexico and much of the 3rd world. The people we’re bringing here are a needy-permanent-dependent-class of poorly uneducated people, who don’t pay federal taxes, they don’t have any insurance (health or car insurance) and as soon as they get here they’re on the public dole, on just about every single social welfare program you can think of, they’re on it!

And don’t tell me we need these people… they’re mowing yards, cleaning houses, picking vegetables, cleaning tables and what not… chasing a taxpayer funded American dream with 10 fucking kids! Sorry pal, but we can’t support all these people, and this house of cards is caving in real fucking fast! We legally import about 1.5 million people into this country every single year. That’s 6 million people every election cycle! You think this is sustainable???

There’s only one way it’s sustainable… if we’re all to become virtual slaves and serfs who own nothing… that’s the plan… it’s all designed to keep wages low and unemployment high. Bring in more cheap labor to drive down domestic labor costs. Its class warfare directed against White working-class Americans (you & me). The American worker is losing no matter who is President. If you think voting or infiltrating the system will change things… you are fooling yourself. This place is done and we need an escape plan. Not a plan to physically leave and land in another Jewish dominated country. That’s not practical, and that’s not necessary. We need to find practical solutions that are easy to incorporate into our lives right now and in the near future to drop out of this Jew-infested society.

Commentary by RICH (Truth Militia Radio)