Jury selection begins today for nigra who killed 17-yo White girl – executed because “he thought he shooting at a rival gang” (sic) Kayla Ferrante, Edwin Daniels

White victim this time… 17-yo high school graduate Kayla Ferrante

With Mom…

Below; with her boyfriend. The negro executioner, just like a hyena or any other vicious and primitive hunter-gatherer, was scavenging through its territory. When its evil and soulless eyes laid upon these two in a car at just before midnight (the 17-yo had to be home by her midnight curfew). The dumb beast, thinking and hoping they were rival tribal members, opened up with an AK-47 assault rifle, killing the 17-yo. She had just celebrated her graduation from high school the day before and had her entire life before her. While the primitive hunter-gatherer was merely ‘making a kill’ in order to elevate its status within the tribe. Totally and completely ridiculous. Yet this niggardly act cost a bright young woman just starting out in life – her entire future and life. And there’s nothing more valuable than a human life. And equally, there’s nothing as worthless as one who takes an innocent life.

Born killer this time…

Ugly, dirty, nasty and vile… just a few words that come to mind when looking at this freak. A primitive-primate descendant and more recently, a jew enabled tool of White death. A danger to anything and everything weaker than itself. And packing an AK-47 assault rifle, a danger to anything period. It would be of my opinion that, it should be made legal to shoot this thing down when spotted and wherever it stands or struts. And without question, concern or regard. And if that’s what it would take to save innocent 17-yo young women from being executed in the streets then so be it. It’s either us or them. Now, who do YOU want it to be? Tell the truth – don’t lie…








Kayla Ferrante, Edwin Daniels


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