Dey gone haz ta feed our babies… bad, baaaad, raaacist whitey!

WelfareBaton Rouge begins year round free breakfast and lunch

Federal welfare benefits are reaching new extremes in Baton Rouge. This summer, the Obama administration will be feeding children breakfast and lunch for free at thirty five locations. This way, their parents will be free to use their regular welfare benefits to buy cigarettes, lottery tickets, beer, and drugs.

From WAFB Channel 9….

The East Baton Rouge Summer Eating Program is underway.  Two free meals will be provided for kids at more than 35 locations.

Any child between the ages of 0-18 is eligible to receive a healthy meal. The program will stay open until August 1st. Most sites provide both breakfast and lunch. A map of the sites is now available.

The program is paid for by the USDA. You can view the Summer Feeding Open Sites at the Healthy Baton Rouge website by visiting


Who be payin fo’ dis shiet mayne? Who care, we ain’t…




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